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So, tell me…

are you the mediterranean wanderer?

Do you have a sense of curiosity, adventure and most importantly spirit? Are you brave enough to let the magic of moments guide you and steer you down unknown paths? Would you take a journey that allows you the temporary escape of routine and the pleasure of surrendering to the Mediterranean elements?

I’m drawn to the idea of finding the soul of a place and this is what I want you to experience when you travel with me. Getting to the heart of the matter. To me, this is discovery. This is where you can uncover the essence of where you are and understand the heartbeat and fabric of a place by unpacking its nooks and crannies.

Whether it’s having an exchange with the local goat herder, creative artisans or the village priest, the experiences of what to anticipate are vast and far reaching. My greatest encounters in Greece have been the ones I hadn’t planned…Getting lost and asking for directions in the middle of nowhere and finding a local tending to his garden that serves to uncover an entire other world about who he is and why he’s there. It’s about finding joy in the unpredictable and that’s the Greece I’d love to share with you, the world I feel is often overlooked. My favourite path is the one less travelled, I never follow the herd.

I'm a natural story-teller and love to dive into the lives of others. I love extracting the detail and hearing about what stirs your passion and exchanging pearls of wisdom. Travelling is a means of feeding inspiration and learning about ourselves. It is where the greatest degree of personal growth can be realised. There is no greater means of broadening our human connection, than by taking the time to listen to each other’s story...

I invite you to come on a journey off the beaten track, to experience the richness that awaits when you indulge your senses, when you surrender to adventure and when you trust the potential of experiencing the unknown…

x paula

"Exploring Comes From Being Open To The Possibility Of Diving Head First Into The Unknown, Trusting That The Feeling Of Discomfort And Vulnerability Are Necessary In An Effort To Uncover Something New.”

paula hagiefremidis

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