find your voice and trust your style, a photography and styling Retreat in the Mediterranean

Voice and Trust have been two qualities that I have constantly worked at evolving through my creative pursuits. They are the foundation of our creative expression, our signature. More than that though, they are an expression of who we are. They serve to define our character.

find your voice

When the opportunity to develop a Retreat centred around the art of Photography and Styling presented itself, there were two women that immediately came to mind that I knew I had to contact. Both are well acquainted with navigating their way through the sometimes challenging territory of Voice and Trust. Both are esteemed and revered in their craft and have been inspiring me for years.

find your voice


Celebrated photographer Carla Coulson and influential Interior Stylist Shannon Fricke will be joining me on the stunning Aegean island of Lemnos this September to bring you an exclusive Creative Immersion Retreat. Bringing their combined skills, passion and wisdom together, this Retreat is all about building your confidence, harnessing your voice and trusting your creative instinct in approaching your creative passions.

find your voice


A topic very dear to me, this Retreat is as much for the Creatives that are just starting out as it is for the ones that have been at their craft for years. Whether you wish to build your portfolio, refine your skills or simply be in the company of like-minded people that will serve to nurture and encourage, the purpose of our 6-days together are to leave you feeling inspired, confident and nourished, but most of all the greatest reward will be leaving the island with an enhanced set of skills that will serve to strengthen and support your natural aesthetic, help take more beautiful photos and elevate your styling.

find your voice

Pursuing your creativity doesn’t have to be daunting, nor do you need to be a professional to join us. This is a chance to indulge the senses with the rugged Aegean as our canvas. We’ll develop our skills with stunning beach and wheatfield photo shoots, enjoy rustic home cooked fare, share inspiring conversation and become well acquainted with the locals.

find your voice

What stirs my passion? Being gifted opportunities like this one. Knowing how invaluable an experience like this can be. That our creativity is an extension of who we are and the more confident we become in our Voice and Trust, the more depth and clarity we are able to bring to our creative pursuits.

Click on the Retreats page on my website to find out more.

Hope to see you there…Happy Travels, Paula x



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      Thank you – you’ll need to join us next time…

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