Knowing Your Story – Defining Your Creative Voice…

It takes a long time to build the threads of your Story…It’s a process that evolves on its own accord, shifting with the experiences, decisions and influences that come to determine your unfolding path. The more connected we are with the essence of our truth, the more defined the communication of our creative voice.

How do we get proximate with our Story?

Knowing Your Story - Defining Your Creative Voice...

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Sometimes we have to get completely lost and start from scratch. We have to abandon everything we think we know and build new foundations. It took me a long time to merge with the essence of my Story. For a while I was aimless, with no solid footing. I was being guided by someone elses path. In order to reacquaint myself with the core of who I am, I had to completely break away.

Knowing Your Story - Defining Your Creative Voice...

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Distance allows for clarity. It was only after I left everything I knew that I was able to properly acquaint myself with where I wanted to go. I had an idea of what it looked like before I left, but the pieces of the puzzle all fell into place when I gave myself the space to see things in an unfiltered light. When I was completely alone.

That was the moment I experienced for the first time what I wanted to represent and what that meant and looked like. The minute I was clear on that decision, things suddenly started to present themselves to help me action what I wanted to achieve. It was like a domino affect. I met my dream Business Coach – through the most serendipitous circumstances – who supported me in bringing my ideas to life, I became far more attune with what creative pursuits I wanted to follow and how they came to represent who I am and I understood – through the reinforcement of my Coach – that the clearer I was on what I wanted to communicate, the greater and richer the authenticity of my Creative Voice.

Knowing Your Story - Defining Your Creative Voice...

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As a Writer, I have a natural affinity with speaking from the heart. I struggle to write about what I don’t know. It feels foreign to me, like I’m trying to be something I’m not. Our Story is constantly being dictated by our experiences. It’s being shaped, refined, challenged. We get pushed to find out how much we know about our Craft. The more we dig around unexplored territory within ourselves, the richer we make what we want to communicate. The more it is likely to resonate with those receiving it.

Knowing Your Story - Defining Your Creative Voice...

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Our Story takes a lifetime to learn. The more we delve into self enquiry and sit in our own quiet discomfort, the more we start to strip away the superficial layer of who we are and reveal the depth of our greater selves…This way, the truth of what we express – through our creative pursuits and how we present and take in the world around us, comes solely from the heart space. It serves to invite richer connections in our communication with others and makes for a greater depth of clarity in how we express our Creative Voice.

Happy Travels…Paula x


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