soulful travels through the Mediterranean…

There’s an intoxicating pulse in Greece that always stirs my heart.

As I’ve gotten older, I acquaint myself with the land in a very different way. Each time I visit, I feel I’m seeing things with fresh eyes. The land always changes. What I take in is observed differently.

sunset, Lemnos

Winding roads, the outline of rugged cliffs, the deep blue of the Aegean Sea completely fuels my senses in a way that has me nostalgic for the places I’ve visited each time I leave…I take in the landscape as though it’s a work of art. The changing colours of the light, the smells, the mountains on the horizon transforming into dark silhouettes as the day fades into night, all becomes a woven tapestry of beauty that translates into natures poetry.

sacred ground, Lemnos

Some places evoke an intense presence. You feel it reverberating from the earth the moment you step foot on the land. On the island of Lemnos, there is an energy permeating from the surrounding landscape. It evokes an unapologetic wild beauty about it. Despite the fact I’ve been travelling here since a young age, it’s only been in recent years that I’ve come to completely appreciate all of the surrounding beauty that this island has to offer.

traditional stone houses, Lemnos

There are places I visit in Lemnos repeatedly. Each time I return, it invites me to look at things a little differently. I pay more attention to the detail I missed previously. The shape of the mountains, the subtle shifts in colour of the surrounding landscape, feeling the ground of the paths I’m trekking beneath my feet, knowing that I’m navigating the same trail as countless pilgrims that have flocked here before me. Natures song seducing me with its sweetest sound. It leaves me speechless and overcome with gratitude at the gift I’ve been presented.

hidden treasures, Lemnos

I take endless dirt roads that lead me to the heart of the land. Venturing off the beaten track allows for a complete sensory immersion. You see the landscape in its entirety. You become engulfed in the simplicity of natures beauty. There’s a stillness here that touches the soul. Even in the company of another, I can still feel the pulsing energy of my surrounds as though I’m completely alone, immersed in its rawness.

private hideaway, Lipsi

Some of my most soulful experiences travelling through the Mediterranean have been when I’ve allowed myself to be Still and Present. When I’ve allowed the beauty of nature to reveal itself completely. When I’ve stopped and listened to the heartbeat of the land. It allows me access to experience a far deeper connection with the place and shows me an aspect of its character that I might have easily overlooked.

Enjoy…Savour…Immerse…You will be richly rewarded when you do…


Happy travels…Paula x







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