How To Create A Happy, Healthy & Abundant Life The Mediterranean Way…

Dear Mediterranean Lovers,

If there’s one thing we fail to invite enough of in our lives, it’s prioritising how to live a life with balance.

There is one thing that always strikes me whenever I travel through Greece and that is the way in which people over there make time for things that truly matter. It’s not that they have more time than most, it’s simply that they adopt a very different value system to what’s important and the kind of life they want to live.

My most cherished moments travelling through Greece have been made the most memorable because of the people I have met. This is where I have been invited into someone’s home to share a meal with their family…this is where asking for directions led to the most inspiring conversation…this is where I was offered delicious fresh produce, hand picked from a local lady’s garden…this is where I was invited to a nip of ouzo when I stopped to fill up on petrol…and this is where it’s impossible to walk past someone’s home without them exchanging a hello and asking where you’re from…

Being part of community, stopping to acknowledge eachother instead of rushing off, taking the time to enjoy and celebrate life and truly live in the moment, is what defines the heart, spirit and passion of the Mediterranean culture and their insatiable appetite for life and reminds me always of how much better our lives can be when we allow ourselves to invite that in.  

Creative Immersion Retreat, Lemnos, photo via Carla Coulson…

Here’s what Greece has taught me about how to live a more enriched and abundant life and how you can invite it into your own:

Celebrate: This is the secret to a life of happiness. When we give ourselves permission to celebrate, we invite more happiness to come our way. Celebrate all the good things in your life – big or small. The more they’re acknowledged, the more happiness you bring in.

Family: Take time for the ones you love. Spend time together as a family or as a couple. When you are in eachothers company, savour that time. Truly acknowledge oneanother. This is the key to creating richer, more nurturing connections and invites greater connectivity in your relationships.

Eating: You never see Greeks eating alone. Food is a huge part of the Mediterranean culture and it is always enjoyed best when shared. Make the time for communal dining and share some food together with family or friends. Food is such a strong and emotive language and it inspires people to come together and connect in the most powerful way.

taverna style dining, photo via Carla Coulson…

Surrender: When we get stuck, panicked or feel overwhelmed, we put ourselves under the most enormous amount of pressure. Remembering that at every moment we are doing the best we can and that we may face the impossible challenge of not achieving everything on our monumental to-do-list and letting things go is how we can help alleviate unnecessary pressure in our lives.

Be Present: There is one thing that I have noticed so much of in Greece and that is the way in which people live for the now. Taking the time to simply be means that we are fully engaged in what we are doing and savouring each and every experience that we are taking part in.

Move Your Body: Those who inspire me most when I’m on my travels, are the elderly. They charge ahead climbing the countless steps that lead to the steepest paths, with a fierceness and unstoppable fire. Whether it’s cultivating the garden, walking or cycling over to a friends, dancing at festive celebrations – from the most simplest efforts to the more physically challenging, movement is a big part of Mediterranean life.

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inspiring beauty and happiness, photo via Carla Coulson…

There are no huge revelations to living a happy, healthy and abundant life. We think we need some sort of miracle to fix the breakdown. But the miracle is simply applying what you already know and taking the time to listen to what’s important, to live the life you want to lead.

I hope this helps to inspire a little more abundance, happiness and health your way…

Happy Travels, Paula x

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