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trusting your voice & writing with intention

Trusting your Voice is about trusting You. The Writing process can often make us feel challenged. Along the way, we might become stuck, feel uninspired or lose our confidence.

What do you struggle with most about your Writing? Do you become overwhelmed when it’s time to make a start and struggle to begin? Do certain projects intimidate you and make you question your ability? Have you ever confronted your Creative Scoundrels?

Identifying what sets you back from taking action or what’s made you lose your passion with your craft is one of the key areas in unlocking your struggle and reconnecting you back with to your authentic Voice.

Our creative fire is what connects us with the core of who we are. Realigning ourselves with our True nature feeds our passion and re-inspires all that we have lost within ourselves. This process works as a domino effect, filtering into our personal lives, igniting our creativity and finally nurturing our craft.

Connecting with our Writing has to do with more than just understanding the nuts and bolts of the writing practice. It’s about re-igniting that creative fire in order to draw from our passion and what inspires us. The more we cultivate within ourselves, the deeper and richer our Writing Practice can become.

We’ll work together to help you develop a richer, more fulfilling Writing Practice that brings a sense of purpose and enthusiasm each time you sit to Write. It’s time to learn how to Trust your Voice and make yourself Heard.

what we cover

  • Awareness of Habits & Patterns and how to break them
  • Understanding what is authentic writing and how to access it
  • Getting in tune with your passions and applying this to your work
  • Getting clear on your WHY? Bringing this Vision into the World
  • Clarity for the next 3-months
  • Weekly organizational structure that includes Homework and critiquing of work
  • Weekly objectives
  • Coming face-to-face with our Creative Scoundrels
  • Developing your skills in order to support your writing with a clear and authentic Voice
  • Connecting to your intuition & learning to Trust
  • Exploring your writing Hero’s, who inspires you & Why?
  • Tapping into what makes you Happy – making room for your Passion
  • Developing your writing skills to create engaging content
  • Learning to get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable in the writing practice: undertaking exercises that force you to step outside your comfort zone
  • Building your Confidence to cultivate a more enriching Writing Practice

package details

  • Welcome Questionnaire
  • 12-Weekly sessions
  • 2-Hour intensive (first session)
  • 1-Hour follow-up weekly session
  • Email support during the week
  • Access to inspirational videos and reading list designed to help support and direct your learning outcomes


$2400 AUD


3 payments of $880 AUD


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