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passionate, empowered & creative

inspiring trust for strong and confident voices

Our words have the potential to engage, inspire and move people into action. The strongest and most successful voices in business and on social media are the ones that are unique and inspire us because of their authenticity. They stand out, aren’t afraid to share what they feel and achieve instant connection with their community. We buy their services, listen to their message and follow their advice. To create strong engagement, what your audience wants and needs, is to hear your Voice.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to Writing? Are your personal barriers getting in the way of what you want to say? Do you struggle with confidence and communicating with greater engagement? Are you feeling a lack of creative clarity and depth?

Often our habits and patterns are the very things holding us back from doing great work. We might be repeating the same things in our personal life and creative life without even realising. These habits and patterns are the roadblocks that keep us confined and inhibit us from confidently moving forward and connecting with our Authentic Voice. 

Connecting with our Writing has to do with more than just understanding the nuts and bolts of how to write. It’s about being clear on what we want to say and sharpening our language to communicate our message in the most effective way.

I use my skills and knowledge as a writer, facilitator and business owner to help you move forward with focus, confidence and accomplish what you want week by week with the right structure. Launching my business has led me to develop a successful career doing what I love. My greatest reward is helping others achieve the confidence in themselves and reconnecting them to their passion. Whether it’s starting a sentence or getting published, creating content for your business or social media, we’ll work together to set new habits and patterns to help you move forward, overcoming your frustrations and pursuing work you love.

what we cover

  • Reclaiming your Confidence
  • Connecting with your Voice
  • Developing your writing skills to create Engaging and Inspiring content
  • Connecting with your passions and applying this to your work and life
  • Breaking down the walls of your greatest personal barriers
  • Develop greater engagement with your audience
  • Moving through your biggest challenge when it comes to writing
  • Developing your skills in order to write with a clear and authentic Voice
  • Finding your Creative Mentors, who inspires you & Why?
  • Getting clear on your WHY? Bringing this Vision into the World
  • Clarity for the next 3-months
  • Weekly organizational structure that includes Homework and critiquing of work
  • Weekly objectives

package details

  • Welcome Questionnaire
  • 12-Weekly sessions
  • 1st session 2-hour intensive
  • Follow-up sessions 1 -hour weekly ( Skype calls)
  • Email support during the week
  • Access to inspirational videos and reading list designed to help support and direct your learning outcomes


$2400 or $880 per month

xo paula