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“This trip was so giving on so many levels.  I was blown away by the things we saw, the secret locations we went, the amazing homemade local delicacies we dined upon, the friendships I made and the things I found out about myself and the way I see myself.  Oh yes.  And the fun! Where do I start? Add ten like-minded women, a bunch of divine Shannon Fricke linen, sublime locations and the heavenly Carla and angelic Paula and it is a perfect storm for so much laughing and creativity.  I had quite a few me ‘pinch me’moments where I would look around and watch gorgeous elderly men (complete with guns slung over their shoulder) watching bemused as we climbed ladders and scaled old church fences to throw pillow cases in the perfect position to capture that elusive shot.  I will always remember dancing under the stars to Greek music after our village rustic feast and nothing feels as cleansing for the mind and body than diving into the green Aegean. I learnt a lot about styling and photography but I learnt the most about myself and the importance to take risks and to keep on learning in life. The experience was authentic, original and something I will long cherish.  Thanks Paula – you have given me a life time of irreplaceable memories.”-Sami M.

“Something to treasure in my heart forever”

“I was so reluctant to participate in the Lemnos Retreat 2017 for a multitude of reasons… leaving my family, the expense, fear of what I would discover and guilt over investing a considerable chunk of time away on a Greek island indulging in everything about me and my creative pursuits.  

But what happened on Lemnos was magic and it was possibly the greatest investment I’ve ever made.  I will most definitely be returning annually.  I feel settled, motivated, made lifelong friends and have a clear direction for my photographic pursuits.

Work that I only dreamed of has found its way to me since returning from the retreat and I truly believe it was because of the impact the Lemnos Mediterranean Wanderer had on me.

Don’t hesitate… just book and await your own magic to happen x”-Nyree C.

“Work that I only DREAMED of has found its way to me”

“Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou Paula.  I am so grateful and thankful that you decided to change your path in life and hold this Creative Immersion Retreat that I was so fortunate to be part of. I really didn’t want it to end.  The activities were just so amazing, the bus was new, clean and comfortable, the bus driver Nikko was fabulous!!!! Everyone we met, everything we experienced was life changing and unforgettable!!!  Something to treasure in my heart forever. Thank you so much Paula.”– Toni J.