I’ve always had a fondness for Greece. Having travelled there from a young age, and with both parents of Greek descent, the passion for my heritage is deeply ingrained.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become better acquainted with its changing pace. My travels there always take me in search of different things. In my adult years, I tend to pursue places that are a little more remote. It’s a Greece that is often overlooked. The one I believe offers a richer depth of experience in understanding the true nature of the country.

Retreats in Mediterranean

rugged cliff face, lemnos

This summer I’ll be hosting Sensory Retreats and Blue Zone Retreats on two of my favourite islands – Lemnos and Ikaria. Both these places are dear to me for vastly different reasons. Having a mother of Lemnian descent has meant that I’ve gotten to know this striking Aegean jewel intimately and been witness to its changing face through the eyes of a child, teenager, young adult and now as a grown woman. Its rugged and intense beauty has me captivated. Whenever I return, I savour being there with insatiable appetite. The experience of visiting for a Sensory Retreat means an opportunity to nurture the senses, mingle with the locals, immerse ourselves in village life and be awakened by the richness of its striking environment.

Retreats in Mediterranean

Seychelles Beach, Ikaria

Indulging and learning about local produce, participating in a cooking workshop, feasting on rustic home cooked dinners and taking a moment to disconnect from our hectic lives in order to realise the importance of investing quality time in taking care of ourselves is the foundation of what this Retreat represents. Lemnos has an unapologetic wild beauty. It’s a jewel of the Aegean that I am proud to have as part of my heritage and welcome the opportunity to share it with guests joining me for this sensory feast.

Retreats in Mediterranean

Restored Farmhouse, Ikaria

Alongside this Sensory Retreat and only a short flight away, Ikaria is revered as a Blue Zone island and renowned for its status as a healing centre. Boasting a population with the highest rate of longevity on this side of the Mediterranean, it’s an island that completely captured my heart when I first discovered it only a few years ago. In Ikaria, the people are proud. They’re humble, easy going and in absolute no hurry. They adopt an attitude and approach to life that reinforced for me the importance of slowing down and being present. In this Blue Zone Retreat we’ll be staying in the private hideaway of an old restored farmhouse tucked away in the mountains, surrounded by grapevines overlooking the Aegean Sea. We’ll uncover the art of sustainable living, learn the importance of slowing down, indulge in communal dining and bathe in azure waters while in the company of like-minded guests keen to adopt a greater degree of wellness, enrichment and connectedness with themselves.

Retreats in Mediterranean

Private Dwelling, Restored Stonehouse Lemnos

It’s time to escape…A Mediterranean summer awaits you, as does a unique bespoke travel experience visiting the jewels of the Aegean Sea. Click on the Retreats page on my website to find out more.


Hope to see you there…Happy travels. Paula x