Just last week I shared a post about my upcoming Creative Immersion Retreat this September. Fast-forward a week and there are only 3 spots left.

I was stunned at the influx of enquiry. It made me stop and think what it was about the Retreat that resonated with so many people…

photo via Carla Coulson

Sure, its location serves to appeal because it’s being held on the stunning Greek island of Lemnos. Sure there are two incredibly inspiring and influential women that are co-hosting it together with me – photographer Carla Coulson and interior stylist Shannon Fricke. Yes, we’ll be spending our time swimming, eating, sunning ourselves and enjoying quiet moments of solitude in our surrounding nature. Of course it’s all about complete Creative Immersion and developing our skills. And yes, we will be with a dynamic group of people that are likely to become life long friends after participating in such a soul enriching experience together…I’d be on the next plane over too…

photo via Carla Coulson

But there was something that fascinated me when I first started receiving enquires. The similarities in what was being shared by complete strangers from all across the world made me sit back and absorb what was being received.

It was one simple thing: Hunger

The opportunity presented served to reveal a core aspect of their lives that demanded to be fed. And so, that’s exactly what they did. They answered the call that comes to ignite every single one of us…they bravely decided to acknowledge their passion and dive deep into uncovering what that decision may come to reveal.

Wild figs, Lemnos

Wild figs, Lemnos

Sometimes it can be the slightest thing that inspires us to act. Our heart says yes, but our head says no. The two argue a great debate. But there is one thing the heart has that the head doesn’t. Instinct. The heart comes from a place of knowing. It will never fail you. The head will rationalise and convincingly argue points that come to completely bleed all the passion out of the heart until it’s dry…and then we’re quick to forget about the little flutter that initially stirred our curiosity in the first place. But the heart never forgets. Our passion and what ignites us is forever alight, regardless of how dormant it may appear to be during certain moments of our life.

pilgrimage, Lemnos

Answering your passion might be one of the hardest but most liberating decisions that you could ever allow yourself to make. It’s just a matter of embracing the opportunity to trust the voice that is coaxing you to leap.

If you’d like to find out more about our Creative Immersion Retreat, click HERE

Happy travels…Paula x