Dear Friends,

There’s been some amazing things happen since the start of my journey with Mediterranean Wanderer. Despite experiencing the greatest reluctance in taking the initial steps to launch, I am so humbled and grateful for what the experience has bought me so far. It has completely opened up my life.

When I reflect on where I was just 6 months ago and what’s happened since, I am in awe of how quickly things can shift when we surrender ourselves to our calling.


Sifnos Island, photo via Carla Coulson

I have never experienced more terror, excitement, fatigue, joy, gratitude and complete contentment than what I have in these last 6 months. I wouldn’t change a thing.

When we put in the effort to create, we aren’t always sure how things are going to unfold. If it’s going to work, who’s going to like it, whether or not it’s going to resonate. Despite our doubts, there is always a quiet voice within, barely audible, but vocal enough to give us a sense of reassurance. It guides us simply to do one thing…Trust.


photo via Carla Coulson

Within a space of two weeks, the Creative Immersion Retreat has completely Sold Out. Not only has it Sold Out, I was forced to increase the number of participants as a result of demand. I was overwhelmed at the level of enquiry. It made me realise how important this is for people. How answering the call of what drives our passion, is something that cannot be overlooked. It demands we pay attention. That passion, is asking to be fed.

We can try and ignore it as much as we like, but that passion never fails to remind us it’s there. The participants joining me on this Retreat were compelled to act. There was nothing that was going to stop them from taking the leap. No excuse was good enough…Their thirst to nurture, be inspired and enhance their creativity overtook any excuse that may have argued they were making the wrong decision…


photo via Carla Coulson

I am so grateful at the opportunity to present this Retreat. I am humbled to be in the company of two incredibly inspiring women – esteemed photographer Carla Coulson and revered interior stylist Shannon Fricke, in hosting it together with them.

For those that were perhaps entertaining the idea of coming, but hesitated, I hope you give yourself permission to follow your passion and consider joining us for the next one.

mani, Greece

We seldom give time to our Creativity, it’s often the area in our lives that tends to be overlooked. It’s a surprising fact, given the enormity of happiness it serves to bring and the contentment we experience in our heart and soul.

If you feel like answering your creative urge and be on the wait list for the next Creative Immersion Retreat, I hope you get in touch:


Happy travels…Paula x