There’s always a sense of anticipation when you’re creating something from scratch.

Often you have little more than some sketchy ideas, an abundance of enthusiasm, with little understanding of just how all the loose threads are going to come together.

But rarely are you ever completely solo when trekking new paths.

Behind The Scenes Of The Creative Immersion Retreat

rustic dinner…photo via Ann Rich

There to guide and support your every move are family, friends, mentors and countless others behind the scenes, who each lend a hand in helping to shape, morph and fill in the gaps so that the framework of what you’re starting to build is structured with solid foundations.

The rest is up to you…The energy, drive and purpose that you execute your plans with will determine the integrity of the final outcome.

Some ideas won’t rest until they are bought to life. That’s what happened when the seed was planted for the Creative Immersion Retreat. I couldn’t let it go.

Behind The Scenes Of The Creative Immersion Retreat

photo shoot for village dinner, Lemnos


But it’s not just ideas that make things work. It’s not just the planning or commitment of participants and facilitators to set something in motion. There’s something far greater that happens that serves to make the entire process more enriching, fulfilling and elevates the outcome of what you initially intended reach far greater heights…

It’s the combined energy, enthusiasm, passion and heart inherent in both the facilitators and the participants that really makes the entire process all the more rewarding.

Behind The Scenes Of The Creative Immersion Retreat

photography practicums, Lemnos

No-one anticipated how much would unfold in just 5 days and what the Retreat would come to reveal. The experience resulted in being far greater than just learning a new skill set. It emphasised the importance of learning to Trust when it comes to our Creative expression and letting go of Fear. It meant getting proximate with our Story and recognising that our shared vulnerabilities and fragility is integral to stepping into who we are. It was a reminder of just how much we are able to achieve when we abandon our judgement and recognise our inherent strengths.

What astounded me the most…?

How committed each participant was in the process of their own unique journey. Their hunger to completely immerse themselves in the experience and dive head-first into the deep-end. Their ability to surrender themselves to trusting the unknown.

Behind The Scenes Of The Creative Immersion Retreat

styling practicums with Shannon Fricke

But there was one other thing that left me in awe of the company of women that had come to take part in this experience. Something that isn’t often observed…I was amongst some of the most dynamic, inspiring and accomplished women that had the greatest level of self-assuredness, supporting one-another through the entire process and who weren’t afraid to show their fractures.

When we are inspired, we have the capacity to show those around us a different way of seeing and being. When we are in the company of those that help to elevate us and nurture us, it helps us tap into areas of ourselves that might be suffering from neglect. When we are self-assured, we give others the permission to Trust and recognise their own Strengths.

Behind The Scenes Of The Creative Immersion Retreat

styling inspiration…

We can elevate or diminish ourselves in a heartbeat. What influences us, what we choose to be inspired by is integral to bringing us closer to being in our Truth. The women of the Creative Immersion Retreat made the decision to dig deep, to ask questions, to go to places that bring them a level of agitation. They faced challenges and stepped up to them. They all gave their entire selves over to the process.

That’s a journey you can only take alone…

There’s always mixed emotions when things are coming to an end…For me, none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the enormous support of my Family, Friends and Mentors to stand behind me and help make this happen.

Behind The Scenes Of The Creative Immersion Retreat

Photography lessons seaside, Lemnos…

When the opportunity presents itself, countless excuses rear their ugly heads to give you every reason NOT to take the plunge. The level of apprehension is enormous.

However, there is something far greater that happens alongside this fear and doubt. It’s the underlying voice within that manages to speak loudly and break through the noise. It’s the flutter of excitement, the nervous energy that makes you completely overcome with emotion.

This is the only sense of assuredness you need to keep going. The rest has the most unexpected way of simply working itself out…

Dedicated to the Mentors, Participants and my incredible Family for helping me bring to life the Creative Immersion Retreat.

With Deep Love and Gratitude…


Happy Travels…Paula x