There’s a synergy that happens when you are in alignment with exactly where you’re meant to be. Resistance and Doubt gently fall away, making room instead for Clarity and Purpose. There’s an overwhelming sense of assuredness that settles into every cell of your being, alerting you to the fact that you are heading in the right direction. The feeling is palpable.

Passion, Purpose & Intention, Paula, mediterranean, mediterranean wanderer

backstreets Chora, Patmos…

What happens next…?

Something that extends far beyond the realms of what you are able to explain begins to take shape and manifest. Your Creative vehicle is suddenly transformed into something of far richer significance. It has Voice and Reason. It becomes a kind of messenger. Your interaction with it takes a subtle shift. It’s no longer just writing, drawing, styling, pottery, photography or painting. It becomes an innate extension of Who You Are.

Passion, Purpose & Intention, Paula, mediterranean, mediterranean wanderer

church bell, Lemnos…

When we are entwined in this way with our Creativity, there is far richer integrity in the work we communicate and deliver. There is an authenticity that deepens our expression. The work begins to penetrate and resonate for those around us.

There’s a process involved in arriving at this stage. A process of internal sifting that serves to polish and refine our Creative expression. Starting points give us a foundation to launch from. What we begin with and what happens in-between evolves. It’s a natural process to uncovering our most authentic selves. The more we can execute our Creative expression from a place of Truth, the more likely we are to strike a chord with those that encounter it.

Passion, Purpose & Intention, Paula, mediterranean, mediterranean wanderer

getting lost, Patmos…

Our Creative vehicle anchors our Intention, feeds our Passion and reaffirms our Purpose. It instigates a multitude of possibilities that allows us to merge in any direction we wish to go. When we are anchored within ourselves, it means we completely allow ourselves to surrender and Trust in the process. Our direction is determined by how much focus and drive we put towards the process.

The outcome can serve to be one of the most personally fulfilling and rewarding experiences imaginable. There is a flow that is suddenly activated, it lights the path to opportunities that had previously gone unnoticed. It welcomes new connections, experiences, chance encounters…

When you are navigating your Creative vehicle and working from your most Authentic self, you automatically tune yourself to be in complete alignment with the natural order of exactly who you are meant to be.


Happy travels…Paula x