For the longest time I felt completely intimidated by change. The thought of it would make me uneasy. I felt crippled by it. I’d cling to the safety of easy and predictable because change was too difficult to comprehend and I didn’t know where it would take me. I automatically assumed that change meant the worst. And often it can be.

getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

looking out to see, Agia Marina

But what’s surprising is that the time spent in what you feel to be the worst, most threatening experience often unfolds to bring the greatest reward. There is a conflicting duality that is integral to supporting your journey through change.

Getting comfortable with the process evolves gradually. It needs to be coaxed in gently. Embarking on new ventures brings the greatest sense of conflict and doubt. There is an internal feud that disrupts the process of progressing on your path. Your inevitable Fear stalls the process.

getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

strolling the streets of Kastro, Sifnos…

I always turned Fear away, I believed it to be my foe. I thought good things only come from happy places, but that’s not the case.

What I have since learned is that Great things come from the most Darkest places.

The more willing you are to gently nudge yourself closer to the edge of the Uncomfortable, the more closer you are at penetrating the core of your unexplored Truth.

getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable, Mediterranean Wanderer, Mediterranean, Travel, Adventures

wall detail…

Fear is a great driving force. It commands and instigates energy. It propels us forward. It invites us to peer into what we have been terrified of exploring in our lives. It reminds us of what we keep dormant. It makes us feel unsafe. By making us feel unsafe, it completely shoots us back to life. It inspires change. It is a reminder of all our Passions and our Worth.

The minute you attempt to shut away Fear, you have made yourself completely powerless.

Opportunities present themselves the minute we decide to get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable. Slowly, the external shell of our old self gently starts to fall away. We literally begin to crack ourselves Open and we commence to sculpt our Vision.

getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable, Mediterranean Wanderer, Mediterranean, Travel, Adventures

Sifnos inspiration…

When the debris settles, we find ourselves standing in the place that has always been waiting for us…

And we know, without a doubt that we have arrived at Exactly where we belong.

Inevitably, it begs the question: What are you in conflict about doing next…?


Happy travels…Paula x