As a writer, Confidence and Voice are two recurring themes in my practice that I’ve gotten to know all too well.

If you’re anything like me, then you’d be familiar with the frustrating feeling of having lost your way and feeling like you can’t move forward. Resistance, Fear and Self Doubt are heavy influencers in stalling us from getting ahead. It can be one of the most challenging times for a Writer. I know, I’ve been there. I’ve gotten stuck and lost my way for a big chunk of time – 15 years in fact…I felt like I was never going to make it back.

Trusting your Voice is about trusting You. In this 1-day Workshop we get proximate with the very things that are holding us back and Why. It could be anything from: feeling guilty because we’re being over indulgent in pursuing our creativity, judging our work and comparing ourselves to others (I know this one well!), letting Fear overshadow following our path and what really makes us Happy, not knowing how to Start, being critiqued and feeling like the worst writer in the world or simply that we have just lost our Passion for something that we used to Love.

Cultivating Confidence & Trusting Your Voice - One Day Writing Workshop

Rebuilding my Confidence and finding my Voice has led me to live a life with passion and develop a successful career doing what I love.

What was one of the most challenging and frustrating periods of my life, turned out to be one of my greatest personal breakthroughs. Losing your Confidence and being overshadowed by Doubt is a daunting process, but it’s not permanent. No matter how long you’ve been stuck for.

If we let them, these periods of sheer upset and frustration can lead us to experiencing some of our greatest personal breakthroughs. Regardless of what stage we’re at in our Practice, being confronted by a lack of Confidence or feeling like we’ve lost our Voice sets us back. Moving through it is not a comfortable process. It’s not meant to be. But if you persevere, it can bring the greatest rewards.

What You Can Expect From Our Day:

  • Getting up close and personal with our Creative Scoundrels
  • Writing practicums to help you develop greater confidence and harness your Voice
  • Finding your passion and learning to Trust yourself
  • Learning to develop a more engaging writing practice
  • Practical exercises designed to help unlock the creative process and make you unstuck
  • Learning how to break old habits and patterns
  • The chance to immerse, indulge and completely nourish the senses in an intimate setting of just 8 people
  • One-on-one feedback at the end of our session



Saturday 24th February 2018

9am-5pm in the gorgeous Beatt Wellness Centre: Armadale Melbourne

It’s time to reclaim your Voice, live your life with Passion and make yourself heard!

Hope you can join me…Read more HERE


Happy travels…Paula x