Dear Creatives,

From time-to-time it’s important to simply stop, take a breath and reflect on the enormity of our journey and where certain decisions have led us. 2017 has been one of those years. It’s been about taking a chance, stepping out of my comfort zone and diving head first into my passions. What once was little more than a sketchy idea has now turned into a full flung business.

Mediterranean Wanderer didn’t exist last year. You and I didn’t know each other. Had I not pursued this, we may never have had the chance to connect…

Taking a chance sometimes means nothing more than just nurturing what you love and giving yourself permission to simply enjoy yourself. Taking a short course, enrolling into a 1-day Workshop, allowing what you love to breathe and giving it some oxygen.

Timing is everything. This year has been greater than what I could possibly have imagined. I had no idea back in January when I was just putting my ideas together and having my first session with my incredible Coach, that I would be taken on this crazy ride that included pursuing my passion for Writing, travels to the Greek islands, selling out my first Retreat, dancing the Zorba in the company of the most amazing women and co-facilitating my Retreat with two of the most inspiring women that I am lucky to call both my Mentors and Friends.

This all happened simply because I dared to start. Creativity can sometimes become stuck or lie dormant. It often needs a prompter to re-ignite it and get the juices flowing again and make you feel inspired…As a creative, here’s what can often be running through our heads:

I’ve been thinking about taking the next steps to change my life but don’t know how…

I’ve been thinking about writing that next blog post, magazine article, story but how to start…?

I’ve been thinking about how to be a more confident writer, photographer etc…

I’ve been thinking that maybe it’s just me that feels uninspired…

I’ve been thinking about daring to dream…

I’ve been thinking about how on earth do I take the next steps…?

I’ve been thinking that it’ll never work so why bother…

If any of the above sounds remotely familiar, then maybe, just maybe, it’s time to change the conversation.

Giving The Gift Of Creative Inspiration

The Estate, Trentham, Photo via Lisa Cohen…

So, here’s what I’m proposing…

A little help with re-igniting that creative inspiration. A little nourishment and nurturing in the form of two Creative Workshops held in my home-town of Melbourne.

Both are designed to enhance your confidence, let go and simply have fun.

Both are about YOU and taking what you love and giving it some attention.

Both are about learning to TRUST yourself and all that you are capable of creating.

Both are about recognising the importance of having a fulfilling Creative practice and how you go about starting one.

Both are in an intimate setting of just 8 and 10 people, meaning exclusive facilitation and a chance to be with like-minded creatives.

Giving The Gift Of Creative Inspiration

FEBRUARY 24TH: 1-DAY WRITING WORKSHOP: Cultivating Confidence & Trusting Your Voice held at the gorgeous Beatt Wellness Centre Armadale, Melbourne.

MARCH 11TH: 1-DAY WRITING & PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP: Inspiring Your Creative Flair held on the grounds of the stunning The Estate, Trentham in Victoria, together with the amazingly talented food photographer, published author and cook – Paola Bacchia.

If you’re feeling that maybe it’s time to change the conversation or know of someone that might be in need of a little creative lift, then we’d love to meet you and have you join us.

CHRISTMAS GIFT VOUCHERS to both Workshops are now available. EMAIL ME: to purchase or find out more.


Happy travels, Paula x