Dear Writers and Creatives,

When I first launched into my Writing practice, I went in blindly. Eyes wide open. Absorbing everything around me. I was like a newborn seeing the world for the first time. There was so much to take in. I didn’t know where to start.

I got hit with overwhelm, felt intimidated and for a long time, thought there was something wrong with me because I didn’t approach writing like anyone else. It didn’t come to me naturally. I admired those that had a natural approach to their writing practice. I wished I could be more like them.

If you’re thinking about becoming a writer, if you’re already a writer but hesitate in calling yourself one for fear of bing ridiculed, if you’re wanting to change direction and finally pursue the path of writing that has always been calling you, don’t hesitate, just launch.

The more you step into it, the more you will start to realise the possibility of becoming a writer as a reality for yourself. You might be at the starting blocks, in need of some support and direction or you might be at the other end of the spectrum, having pursued enough study, but struggle to let go of the comfort zone that study cocoons you in and hesitate to launch.

How To Find The Writer In You

morning coffee, Athens…

Wherever you find yourself right at this very moment, I’ve found myself at one point or another having experienced both ends of the spectrum and know exactly what it feels like to go through the discomfort of cracking the creative writer in me open, as well as letting go of the safety net, once I had finally accrued enough knowledge to help nudge me into the next phase of my writing journey.

This is what they DON’T tell you when studying Professional Writing & Editing:

Stepping into becoming a writer is not a comfortable process

It takes time to develop and find your style

Even when you do finally find your style, don’t cling to it, because it’s likely to go through a multitude of changes

Have fun when exploring your writing. Don’t take yourself or it too seriously.

Yes, you will stuff up. So have all the best writers that have come before you and the ones that will continue to leave their legacy in the future.

The writer in YOU emerges when you least expect it. It actually happens when you finally relinquish control and allow yourself to become lost in the moment.

Writing takes time. If it were easy, we’d all be doing it.

Find the sources you trust and feel supported by. Whether they be writing manuals, teachers, Workshops or Retreats. Look for them, they are all around you.

Trust your intuition when it comes to approaching your writing craft and don’t second-guess yourself.

Be patient. The more you give to your Writing practice, the more it will reward you in return.

How To Find The Writer In You

practice, practice, practice…

I wish a fraction of the above was shared with me when I first started out on my writing journey. Much of the anguish, lack of confidence within myself and constant judging of my work could have been avoided. It’s not so much that studying writing worked against me, it’s more that it only gave me a one-dimensional approach to what writing is and means. It gave me the nuts and bolts of the practice, but not the practicals.

The practicals come with time. It’s like a relationship where you get to know one-another and certain things are revealed over the time you’re together that surface another side you’d not seen before. Writing has been one of my greatest anchors. Nothing challenges me, pulls me up or forces me to confront myself quite the same way that my writing practice does. It acts like a mirror that serves to make me take a long hard look at myself and quickly surfaces all the things I try to conceal.

I feel grateful for this practice being in my life.

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Happy Travels, Paula x