Dear Creatives, Travellers and Lovers of the Mediterranean,

The start of the New Year is a funny time. It’s that process of transition, leaving behind the residue from the previous year and stepping into the enormity of promise that the new one presents us with.

I’m not sure about you, but 2017 had an enormous impact on me. It was a year of feeling for the very first time in my life that I had arrived into exactly where I needed to be within myself. It was empowering, exciting and unnerving because it meant that a certain expectation had suddenly been set. But for the first time in my life, I fully embraced and accepted that expectation and went about stepping into it wholeheartedly.

What Kind Of Year Do You Want 2018 To Be for You...?

roaming the streets of Nisyros…

There’s an exhilaration about operating from a complete place of Truth and what honestly feels right for you. But it’s not something that occurs instantly. It’s taken me two years to arrive at this stage of feeling confident to make a decision that truly serves me and trust it completely. Whether we recognise it or not, we’re being guided and steered at each moment. There are shifts happening that are encouraging us to change. When we give in to trusting the process of what’s happening, there is infinite possibility that we expose ourselves to. The less we control, the more we allow ourselves to be in the natural flow of life.

So what do you want out of 2018? Where are you hoping it takes you?

Is there something you want to do differently? Are there plans lurking in the distance that are nudging you to coax them to life? And will you allow yourself permission to do so? Whatever it is, I hope this is your year of inviting change.

What Kind Of Year Do You Want 2018 To Be for You...?

For me it’s about continuing to pursue what I love and what drives me. Feeling inspired by projects and people I can collaborate with that serve to ignite my creativity and help me further develop my craft. It’s not being a participant in anything that doesn’t completely light me up from the inside-out. It’s not feeling a sense of obligation to what doesn’t serve me.

What Kind Of Year Do You Want 2018 To Be for You...?

I hope 2018 inspires your chosen pursuits to launch into action and that the tired excuses from the past are laid to rest. Whatever your goals for this year might be, I hope they gift you the opportunity to experience how impactful change can be when we allow ourselves not to be confined by our fears and doubts and instead open ourselves up to the possibility of experiencing our full potential.

Enjoy the process and the magic of the unfolding year ahead and trust that it will always steer you in the right direction…


Happy Travels, Paula x