Dear Writers and Passionate Creatives,


What’s the one thing right now that’s setting you back from being the best writer you can be?

Please take your pick from the list below:


You’re a notorious self-doubter

You get anxious each time you sit to write a sentence

You’re constantly chopping and changing ideas

You’re always comparing your work to others

You suffer Writer’s Block…all the time!

You still tell yourself you’re: just not good enough

You think you’re a 1-hit wonder

Your grammar skills suck!

You’ve lost your Voice

You’ve lost your Vision

Or, maybe you Fear just how incredible and impactful your writing ability truly is


Whatever your excuse may be, however big your walls have been built to protect your ego, one thing’s for sure…Right now, you are inhibiting yourself from being heard and sharing your Voice with the world.

Right now, you are hiding your Best Self.

Less than 2 years ago, I was struggling with my Writing practice. I had lost my confidence and my voice. It was taking me ages to construct a sentence and put a piece together, let alone attempt to reach out to editors with a finished article…

How I Went From Zero To Published Writer In Less Than 6 Months...

So how did I manage to publish over a dozen articles for both magazine and online platforms in less than 6 months?

Here are 5 tips to get you started in your Writing right now:


  1. Whatever project it is you’re working on, give yourself a deadline. You’ll be surprised at how much you can achieve when you place restrictions on yourself.


  1. Take the discomfort of fear and use it as your driving force. Instead of panicking that I couldn’t do it, I sat myself down and forced myself into writing. Regardless of how good or bad I believed it was, I made sure I got something out, despite how long it took.


  1. Get clarity on your vision. The more focused you are, the clearer your message. Whether it’s a Blog post or a commissioned piece for an editor, get clear on what you are trying to communicate and trust yourself.


  1. Write what you’re passionate about. The more authentic you are, the more you will engage your audience and hook people’s attention. Always write what’s true for you. The minute I tried to make my Voice sound different, thinking that this would impress my audience or editor more, I ran into all kinds of problems and came across like I was trying too hard.


  1. Just start. The excuses won’t rest. If you’re thinking it’s best to start when they finally go away, you’ll be waiting a long time…Surprisingly, what supports those excuses from disappearing, is by taking action and launching into your practice. Contact the editor, write the article…The self-doubt will always be there. But I promise, the more you do, the weaker it becomes trust me, I know, It’s happened to me…

How I Went From Zero To Published Writer In Less Than 6 Months...

Nothing will make you trust yourself like taking action. It’s uncomfortable and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. But, the more action you take, the more effort you’ll make into not feeding and giving into those excuses – because lets face it, those excuses are ridiculously stubborn at giving up! Trusting your writing practice and your ability comes from giving yourself permission to make mistakes and being ok about the fact that you are still finding your way.

If you want to launch into 2018 as a more Confident and Inspiring Writer, then check out my 1-Day Cultivating Confidence & Trusting Your Voice Workshop to harness your skills, banish your self doubt and take the next steps toward a stronger, more rewarding Writing Practice.

Lots of Love,

Paula x


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