Dear Writers

I know there are many of you out there experiencing frustrations with your writing practice right now and are tired of not getting the results you want…

For some of you it could be fear or a lack of confidence, for others it might be a lack of inspiration. You could be feeling like you’ve flat-lined. Whatever efforts you’re putting in are completely going to waste. I think it’s a feeling that all of us can relate to.

Most of the time, our biggest setback is our inner critic. That voice that nags and consistently reminds us that we’re not good enough, smart enough, interesting enough or tries to persistently sabotage any attempts of us doing well.

I know that critic well. I know how convincing it can be. I know it has the skills and ability to overthrow all our attempts to move forward in both our personal life and our creative life. It plays all the right cards and knows how to outsmart us.

It took me years to realise the voice of my inner critic was doing little more than stopping me from trying to be the best I can be. From actually believing that I am good enough, smart enough or anything enough…I struggled to call myself a writer because I was too embarrassed. I judged my work, I judged myself. I hid what I truly wanted to share with the world that I was. I made constant comparisons.

But despite the hiding, there was still an underlying feeling that was just as persistent and relentless as the voice that was telling me I wasn’t good enough or could accomplish successfully in my writing and that was the voice that was insisting that I continue to pursue this path because despite the fear and judgement, I knew that it was truly the only thing I really wanted to do. My only other option was boredom.

Is Your Inner Critic Still Getting In The Way of Your Writing...?

At some point, after years of being tired of my own self-criticism, I made the decision to act. I took the biggest leap outside my comfort zone and dove head first into pursuing freelance writing.

Taking that leap, confronting those fears head-on led to some pretty special opportunities to emerge with my writing, including being a feature writer for food, travel and wellness publications both in print and online (I absolutely panicked when I got those offers and came very close to saying no!)

But that entire experience, battling the internal conflict, experiencing what can happen when we surrender a little to trust and park our inner critic to the side, made me realise that there are countless other creative people out there right now experiencing those very frustrations with their practice and are struggling to find the keys they need to move forward.

Whatever strategy your inner critic might be taking right now, it’s doing its best to stop you believing that you can be the best you can be in your writing practice. It’s making sure you don’t venture too far from the parameters of your comfort zone. It’s making sure you choose failure over success.

I’m not sure where you’re at with your writing practice. I’m not sure if fear, lack of confidence or stalling the starting process have any relationship to you, but, in case they do and in case you have been needing some support in overcoming those frustrations, then maybe it’s time to challenge the voice of your inner critic and prove them wrong.

Taking a deep dive into recognising what’s hindering your writing practice can be the greatest antidote to silencing your inner critic. Sharing your frustrations not only disempowers them, but it also makes you realise you’re not alone in experiencing them.

Isn’t it time you finally let yourself be free of that voice that has only ever let you down?

Happy travels, Paula x


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