Dear Passionate Creatives

Here’s a little insight if you’re thinking about starting something but are still feeling a little resistant about what to do…

Stop thinking about it. Just take the first step already.

When I was first making plans to start my business, I spent a lot of time getting caught up in what to do first. I had a growing list of ideas, but nothing in place to action those ideas. Ideas are great for inspiration, you can spend a long time getting caught up in making plans about how to achieve them, but unless you actually take the first step in doing something, those ideas will never come to life.

The biggest mistake you can make is underestimating the value in taking that first step.

Here’s what happens the moment you do:

The floodgates for coincidence, inspiration, opportunity and chance encounters all come pouring through at once. It’s not a fluke. It’s inevitable.

How do I know this? Because it happened to me. I dared to take the first step and pursue my passion for writing. The minute I launched into becoming a freelance writer, it invited an enormity of opportunity and what I thought to be coincidence come my way.

How Writing Helped Me Build My Dream Business...

The experience of letting writing be my guide, led me to build my dream business. That business has transformed my life and allowed me to experience opportunities that I never thought possible. Taking that first step challenged my fears, quietened the voice of my inner critic and led me back to my true passion. It helped me gain a greater understanding of the values that are important to me and how I want to live my life.

My greatest gift? The connections and friendships that have emerged as a result of doing what I love, the travels that inspire future plans and the reward of being pushed to constantly extend myself through my creative pursuits.

You never know where the next step is going to lead you or how a single decision can alter the direction of your entire path. But when you are being driven by what truly lights you up, that passion, that energy has the capacity to invite great things to enter your life.

I hope you make the effort to take that next step. If you need some help then join me in Melbourne for a day of Cultivating Confidence & Trusting Your Voice. A 1-Day Creative Workshop that’s all about giving you the tools to let your passion inspire and guide you.

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Happy travels, Paula x