Dear Writers and Creatives,

I remember the first time I came across a piece of writing that completely cracked me open. It was Nikki Gemmell’s The Bride Stripped Bare.

It was raw, confronting and completely honest. No-one had published anything like that before. I remember how beige it suddenly made all the other books on the shelves appear. Nikki had captured my attention and opened up my appetite for honest storytelling. I was hungry for more.

What that experience helped me realise was that I had just been given permission to create in a way that was truly authentic to me. That when it came to my writing, I didn’t need the validation of anyone about what I wanted to say or how I wanted to say it. There was nothing safe about Nikki’s book. It ruffled feathers and sparked controversy. She was loved and hated. The publishers relished in the media attention it stirred.

Regardless, there was one underlying quality that contributed to the success of that book which would come to inspire the way I would approach my work in the future. The Bride Stripped Bare was completely unwavering in its Why. Its intention and purpose came through every single sentence of its 374 pages loud and clear.

That level of honesty set the benchmark in what I wanted to create and share through my writing. I later discovered it was also the very thing that influenced the success in the work of my Creative Mentors.

This 1 Thing Brought These Five Creative Women Success...

the importance of setting your path…

There are 5 creative women who influence my own creative practice and there is one thing they have mastered that has contributed to their longevity as creative professionals. Their approach to their creative expression is completely driven by their Why. Their intention and purpose is delivered with clear and authentic communication. It is what inspires their audience and sets them apart.

What was the influential work my creative mentors achieved by being clear on their Why?

Julia Cameron – is author of The Artist’s Way

Natalie Goldberg – is author of Writing Down The Bones

Elizabeth Gilbert – is author of Big Magic

Carla Coulson – is a photographer and author of Italian Joy

Mirka Mora – is a painter and author of Wicked But Virtuous: My Life

When you are driven by your passion, there is an authenticity that resonates with your audience. Honesty is what connects us. Sharing our vulnerabilities, a private moment or an experience that changed our life is what helps us relate to each other. It is how we give others access into who we are and this is what instils their trust in us and has them coming back for more…

Happy travels, Paula x

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