The deepest Gratitude and Thanks go to the 5 amazing women that dared to take a leap, surrender to trust and open themselves up to be part of the Cultivating Confidence and Trusting Your Voice Workshop in Melbourne together with me.

It was a day of honest, rich and deeply inspiring storytelling that offered the greatest reward for me as a facilitator.

Stories were exchanged, friendships were forged and more than anything, the importance of allowing ourselves to pursue what truly makes us happy and understanding that this is how we step into becoming the people we are inspired to be was realised.

What struck me most about these women was their passion, depth of heart, self-awareness and drive to change the conversation and completely let go of what no longer serves them.

There was laughter, insights, breakthroughs and bursts of inspiration throughout our day together. These women came in, giving all of themselves and in return forging a great bond that can only be achieved when support, love and compassion are present to hold the space for genuine honesty to emerge.

There was an urgency and hunger that I saw in them and recognised in myself when I was confronted with that same question and fork in the road several years ago when I was ready to change.

I wonder about that time often and all that I would have missed out on and the person I would never have had the chance to step into, if I hadn’t taken that next step.

A lot has happened since then.

A business was born, trips through the Greek islands have been travelled, the opportunity to meet and teach incredible women on the topic of writing has been presented, collaborations with mentors I revere and hosting Creative Retreats overseas together with them has taken place, I stepped forward with my love for writing and got published in magazines and all the while, realising that it has been my love for writing, my greatest passion and the very thing that inspired that change to happen, that has been the driving force in allowing me to be part of these life changing experiences.

I think about the woman that I used to be. The one that stayed confined, played it safe and shut herself off from all that life was urging her to experience.

I took a chance to follow and pursue what I love and that chance led to the most incredible adventure. One that has gifted me the understanding of how richly rewarded we are when we trust and lead from our heart.

Doubt and uncertainty will always challenge us, but there is one thing I know for sure: When I reflect back to that fork in the road and the two distinct paths that were outstretched waiting for me, the agony, frustration and sheer terror that is experienced when change is about to happen was all worth it because there is no second guessing which future self I’d be inspired to meet.

Happy travels, Paula x

photo via the amazing Samantha Rozynski