Dear Passionate Creatives…

Here’s a secret you don’t know about me…I’m a slow learner.

In the past, I had often overlooked that what I wanted to pursue was the very thing I had been inviting into my life forever. I tell you this for a number of reasons…

Firstly, because some of you out there may be experiencing this right now and if that’s the case, then I hope this post serves to give you a little clarity on what it is that you might be overlooking and how you can become more attuned to it.

Secondly, because we fail to acknowledge that what we have been inviting into our life, could in fact be turned into a professional pursuit. We’re conditioned to believe that: Work = No Fun.

Before I launched my business, there were two very strong passions in my life. Writing and travelling to the Greek islands. I was and still am, completely enamoured by both. Whenever I would return from my trips away, I would feel a sense of overwhelm at being back. I would re-enter my routine life and feel as though I had just shrunk and shut away this bright light that had monetarily opened up for me.

How My Love For The Mediterranean Launched My Business

let your curiosity guide you…

That light was my reminder of what I needed to be doing and it would disappear to be replaced instead with 3am panic attacks that would make a regular appearance for quite a number of years before I made a change.

My passion for travelling to the Mediterranean and knowing that I could cultivate it into a business, was something that emerged when I had hit an all time low. I had to start completely from scratch in order for the idea to finally be revealed.

Here’s the thing. What you love is most likely the very thing you are pursuing and inviting into your life right now. You’re either reading about it subconsciously, talking about it to friends and family without even realising and on some level, you are probably actually pursuing it without even knowing that this is what you’re doing.

When I was travelling to the islands over the years, I never once thought that this was something that would serve me as a business in the future. It was as though I had blinkers over my eyes. Something big happens when those blinkers are removed, suddenly, you can see entire possibilities that you’d previously been ignorant to.

We are presented opportunities to see in new ways, when we make the space to invite that in. We don’t need to seek places high and low to find it. We just need to remove the blinkers and allow the opportunity to reveal itself to us…

Happy travels, Paula x


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