Dear Creatives

Here’s the thing…

In our day to day, we are communicating messages all the time.

Have you ever thought how are our words going to affect someone? Every email we send, Blog post, Instagram or Facebook post has the capacity to affect someone. We can be most impactful and have a greater capacity to engage with our audience by using our authentic voice and being clear about what we’re wanting to communicate.

Each and every time you are sending out a message, this is going to have an impact on the person receiving it. You might be sharing a business tip, you might be expressing something personal, you might be sharing an insight…Regardless of what that message is, the value of what is being shared will have the most impact for the person receiving it when we are communicating from the heart.  

Before you go to send out a message, the most important things to consider are:

What is the value in the message you are sending out?

Why is this important?

Information moves so quickly that there is a good chance what we are sharing is going to be shared again within someone’s elses community. It triggers a natural ripple effect that can be sent the world over.

We don’t know the impact our words are going to have on another and what resonance our words may have at that moment in time. So our responsibility lies in making sure we are using the right words most effectively and being clear about what we want to share.

When we try to compromise our voice or present in a way that’s not true to who we are, we present a false illusion about ourselves and affect the way someone is going to experience what we are sharing.

We often resort to hiding our voice or undervalue the enormity of its power. When we do this, we are presenting a shadow of ourselves. The more authentic we can be in our communication with others, the more likely we are to create a stronger engagement with people in our community and allow them to trust in who we are.

Our intention and our voice are our greatest tool. I hope you are using yours to create the greatest impact for those you come into contact with.

Use your voice and make it loud and clear. The world is waiting to hear your message…

Happy travels, Paula x