Dear Mediterranean Wanderers,

I get so many emails from people every day asking me about where they should go when they travel through the Greek island.

Here’s the thing…

What I want is different to what you want.

What’s special about a country like Greece, is that it offers enough to accommodate everyone’s needs.

So, I wonder…Which Greek island best represents you? What are you searching for when you’re travelling?

Over the years, this has changed so much for me. What I seek now is so different to what I was attracted to a few years ago. For me, travelling through the Mediterranean is all about getting to know the place like a local. I avoid busy islands and I always hire a car and exhaust every road and dirt path I find. I might get lost and end up asking a local for directions, but these experiences have always rewarded me and regardless of whether I was searching for it or not, they make the time I spend in a place so much more memorable. No matter how long or short I stay in a place, there is one recurring thing that always happens: the places I visit take such good care of me.

Our intentions when we travel are so different and the experiences presented to us when we are over there will vary depending on what we are seeking and why. What we take from our experiences is determined by how much of ourselves we are prepared to give.

So, a little tip, when you’re next venturing to the islands, ask yourself: What are your needs? What do you want to experience? What’s important for you to take away from the place you are visiting? Are you after adventure or do you want some soulful solo time? Do you need to party and have a dance or do you prefer to hang out with the locals?

What you want right now will be different to what you seek in the future. The best places are the ones that speak to your heart. They fuel the senses and leave you feeling replenished.

I hope you always let your curiosity guide you and steer you to some inspiring wanderings…

Happy travels, Paula x