Dear Passionate Creatives,

Whenever I am travelling through the Mediterranean islands, there are two things that always accompany me. My journal and my camera.

The reason why I am always sure to have them close by, is because creativity and inspiration doesn’t wait until we are ready. It most often appears when we are least prepared

Often I am usually minding my own business, when suddenly, without warning there is a stream of sentences that come flooding through my mind and there is only a moments chance to capture them, before they swiftly disappear…

Try as I might, I know that it’s a foolish attempt to lock them in my memory. The thing about creativity is that when we are open to receiving inspiration, it is as though we are presented with a gift from the Universe.

The more we are open to receiving these gifts, the more we fuel and nourish our creativity by pursuing what we love and being guided by what inspires us and lights us up, the more we are rewarded with creative ideas and being open to seeing opportunities that we may have previously overlooked.

It’s like exercising a muscle. The more attention you give it, the stronger it becomes. When we are feeling fatigued in our creative pursuits or our lacking inspiration, it is because we have neglected that area of our lives for too long and then expect it to simply show up…

Travelling, being in a foreign environment stimulates the senses and opens up the channels of your creative energy. It gives you sustenance and can reignite your creative flame.

The smells, the colour of the light, the landscape, being immersed in a foreign language, all serves to stimulate the senses. We suddenly become more awake. It feels as though we have hit the reset button on ourselves. This in turn triggers our creativity and allows for a new flood of inspiration to come through. It’s no surprise that you tend to get some of your best ideas when you are in a state of motion or change.

This is because the body is being triggered with new energy and this affects our entire state of being. There is a shift that happens. A change of scene can be enormously powerful in interrupting stagnant patterns that haven’t been disrupted in a while.

Our minds and bodies need creative replenishment. Journeying through the islands has always served to inspire new creative ideas for me and reignite lost ones that had been lying dormant for a while.

The more you push open your creative boundaries, the more you extend your creative potential.

I hope you let your travels inspire and awaken you to new possibilities.

Happy travels, Paula x