Dear Passionate Creatives and Mediterranean Wanderers,

There’s one thing that always happens when I am traveling through the islands. The minute I step foot there, my soul is singing and my heart is bursting from happiness.

It’s because I know what’s waiting for me before I’ve even arrived.

See, there is a magic to the Mediterranean that does something to me. It’s in the air, in the beauty of the surrounding landscape, the conversations I have with curious locals, who never shy away from having a chat, the obligatory daily siestas to ease a full belly after a delicious rustic lunch and finally finishing my day drying off in the sun after a divine swim in turquoise waters that keep me at the beach until late in the afternoon…

What Will You Dare To Do Different This Year...?

As a writer, a creative and a business owner, this is how I hit the reset button on my life. It’s what I do to source my inspiration to stir ideas for new projects and get some perspective and a little direction on what I need to do next if I’m going through a period of feeling stuck…This is what I swear by and it always works…

What Will You Dare To Do Different This Year...?

When you dare to step outside your everyday routine and change your environment you suddenly invite a new perspective. The landscape, the air you breathe, the conversations you have, the people you meet, it starts to change the pattern of your usual behaviour. You begin to think differently.

biggest weakness, How I Used My Biggest Weakness and Got Published | What Will You Dare To Do Different This Year

What’s inspired my Creative Retreats and Workshops is knowing that it brings together like-minded souls who speak the same language and share the same passions. They’ve been inspired to change and make a shift in their life. They chose the dare to do different…They’ve dared to invite the possibility of something new to enter…They’ve dared to explore the enormity of their potential… They’ve dared to break old patterns that no longer serve them…They’ve dared to invite that thrill of excitement back into their lives and be guided by their passions…

When you find your Tribe, it triggers a connection that speaks to your heart and encourages your creativity and inspiration to blossom. It makes you realize what’s possible and that it only takes one step to change your life…

So, what will you dare to do different this year?

Happy Travels, Paula x

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For those of you daring to do something different this year, to inspire your soul and feed your passion, then you might like to join me this September for my Retreat: Emerge, A Food, Writing and Creative Escape to the Greek islands. Email me for more details: