Dear Passionate Creatives and Mediterranean Wanderers,

When I first thought about facilitating Creative Retreats to the Greek islands, I had a very clear picture in mind of what I wanted to teach and why that was so important to me. I thought a lot about my own journey and how close I came to missing out on pursuing what I loved because I lacked the confidence and trust in myself that I could actually do it. I knew that there were so many others out there who were experiencing something similar.

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sunset, Patmos…

My biggest setbacks had been old beliefs and attitudes that held me back from moving forward in life and blocked my view from realising what my creative passion was and how important it was to help me step into my potential. It took years before I cracked open the external layer of my shell to fully emerge, unlock my creative confidence and step into the woman that I was inspired to be.

The minute that happened, my entire world and perspective on life completely changed.

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private villa for Emerge Retreat, Serifos…

Finding my own unique voice, style and creative confidence helped me step forward and pursue my passion. It gave me the drive to want to teach other passionate souls how they could achieve the same.

Facilitating my workshops and retreats has been the greatest reward in helping others access something deep in themselves that they’d never realised before. Friendships are forged that can only come from like-minded creatives that dare to open their hearts and share their story and give others permission to reveal their own vulnerabilities and do the same. Newfound strengths and abilities are finally realised and unlocked from people finding their voice and having the confidence to step forward in life and express their truth.

back streets, Patmos…

I always knew that the only place I wanted to facilitate these Retreats were on the Greek islands…A place that inspires magic, beauty and allows you to be completely immersed and nurtured in the surrounds of its stunning elements.

When you are compelled to answer your hearts desire you know it’s because there is something greater in life that is calling you and wanting you to unlock your creative confidence. Sometimes we have the courage to step forward and go for it. Sometimes we need a little nudge.

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sailing in Sifnos…

Realising your strengths is about realising the enormity of what exists in you. That your potential and capabilities extend far beyond what you could possibly imagine. Sometimes the only way you can harness that knowledge is when you allow yourself an opportunity to be inspired and immersed in an environment that serves to support and encourage you to trust and embrace your potential so you can step forward with your intention, pursue your passion, unlock your creative confidence and bring out the best in you.


Happy Travels, Paula x