If there’s one daily practice I do without fail, it’s writing in my journal.

Over the years it has been my daily companion and my guide for everything in my life. It knows my deepest darkest secrets, my passions and desires and is the one place I am completely uninhibited with my expression. It’s part of the morning routine that I ensure I abide by, regardless of how much or little time I have.

Before I do anything, I take a moment to get super quiet and still my mind with some deep reflection in my journal. It’s how I set my intention for the day ahead.

When I am stuck, when I am looking for some creative clarity, when I need some direction or are reflecting on what I am grateful for, I take the time to write and express the very thoughts that might be impacting me. It has been a powerful tool in my life to help me step forward, gain new perspective and take the next steps I need in the direction I wish to go with my business and personal life. It is what I turn to each time I’m in need of an answer.

Often when our thoughts are foggy we become overwhelmed. When this happens we have no clarity, focus or direction. Keeping everything bottled up in our mind serves to create more unnecessary confusion and makes our already mounting pressures feel all the more imposing.

When we take the time to write and reflect on the very things that are affecting our lives, we suddenly shed some light and shift our perspective on the way we see them. The fog starts to lift and we become more focused and regain our control of a situation that previously seemed all imposing.

Journaling has been my guide and answer to some of the most challenging and confronting moments in my life. It has helped me make the biggest decisions in my personal life and for my business. It’s a place where I know I cannot hide.

When you allow yourself to be completely uninhibited in your journal, the more you divulge, the more you shed light on the areas in your life that are often neglected or lie dormant. There are keys you leave in what you express and these keys are often the answers to helping you unveil some of your greatest frustrations and lead you to your biggest personal breakthroughs.

Hope this inspires a little transformative self-reflecting in your journal just for something different…

Happy Travels, Paula x