Dear Passionate Souls & Mediterranean Wanderers,


I know there’s many of you out there reluctant to make decisions that instinctively feel right, because your head’s so good at talking you out of doing them. That fearful voice is the one that makes us miss out on fun, stepping into our potential and being inspired by life. Today I wanted to share what can happen when you make the decision to listen to your heart and give yourself permission to actually say YES

Last September 8 very special women joined me from right around the world to take part in an experience that would completely transform their lives.

Following their heart, they were each moved by a strong desire to finally let go of excuses, trust their instinct, pursue their passion and wholeheartedly dive into the unknown. Taking part in the very special Creative Immersion Retreat on the island of Lemnos, they came with open minds, a desire to learn, challenge themselves, reveal their vulnerability and crack open and shed light on the areas of their lives that they’d never dared to show before.

When you shed light on places that have been dormant for a long time, powerful things happen. You say YES to the enormity of possibility that is wanting to come your way and you suddenly invite life to lead you forward, and say goodbye to the fear and doubt standing in your way.

In that moment, you unleash your free-spirited wild woman. The one that for most of your life you’ve kept all locked up, but once she escapes, makes you remember just how powerful you truly are. She’s the one with an insatiable appetite for life, screaming YES while everyone else is telling her NO, she’s the one making decisions on a whim because it lights up her soul, she’s the one trusting her heart and following the path everyone else is terrified to go, she’s the one that thrives on adventure and will never say NO, she’s the one taking the lead and dancing the Zorba, without a care in the world…

The women on the Creative Immersion Retreat let their free-spirited woman lead them to a place within themselves they’d never been before. What they walked away with was far greater than just learning a new creative skill set. They got to experience a fire and passion in themselves they’d never known before. They realised their strengths, skills, abilities and the enormity of their potential. They got to experience what can happen when you surrender to life and let it guide you, as each of them had the most unexpected opportunities manifest and come their way – from dream collaborations and work invitations, to starting a new business that’s thriving in abundance…Their experience ignited a spark that forged lifelong friendships, unforgettable memories and the gift of realising what they could have missed out on had they been reluctant to try…

When you trust your heart and are willing to step into the unknown, you trust life to command the direction you’re going to go and what comes your way is nothing short of a miracle. You buy a ticket overseas because your heart is screaming YES…You suddenly find yourself dancing the Zorba on a Greek island and making lifelong friendships with women you’d never met before…You throw yourself into challenges and learn more about your strengths that you’d ever thought possible…You say goodbye to the reluctant fearful woman because there’s no room in your life for her anymore…You say a huge YES to what truly makes you happy because there’s no other way to go. Life is constantly inviting opportunities to help us learn grow, invite more joy and change direction. When we give ourselves permission to embrace them, we invite abundance, happiness and the most amazing version of ourselves to emerge.

I hope it’s YOU dancing the Zorba with us on the Greek islands this Summer…

Happy Travels, Paula x


p.s: For those of you wanting to unleash your inner Zorba and join me learn me on the beautiful Greek island of Serifos for the Emerge Retreat this September. Click HERE for more details or email me: