Last night I had the great privilege to be invited to a very special event celebrating some amazing women that have taken the steps to follow their heart, leap into the unknown and start their own business pursuing their passion for food. Led by the incredible Chelsea Ford who founded the business Females In Food, the evening was about bringing creative, inspiring and passionate women together in a space that serves to support, encourage and allow them the opportunity to share, network, exchange ideas and voice their opinions in an industry that can often feel completely isolating for women doing it on their own.

I was surrounded by some of the most inspiring and empowering women I have ever met. I was reminded of the enormity of what happens when women come together to create a space that encourages their message, passion and voice to be heard. How when we crack open and shed light on doing what we love the greatness of who we truly are finally has the capacity to be seen.

I was reminded of what is possible when we keep that spark in our heart alight for the very thing that makes us happy and hold on to it with all our might. When we make the decision to let go of a life that is the wrong one and instead take a deep dive into the one we know and trust to be the right one, we are open to inviting infinite possibilities coming our way. When we finally let go of the fear that keeps holding us back, we allow our greatest selves to emerge.

There is an unstoppable force that is triggered when women come together to support eachother in being the best they can be. It’s a reminder that doing what makes us happy is how we empower ourselves and inspire eachother. When we are empowered, we experience the greatest shift in how we connect with ourselves and the world. Our values change and we are suddenly aware of something we had not realised before. We are done with the excuses and are no longer prepared to hide or be small. We finally come to recognise the worth of our voice, our message and the importance of it being heard

Sharing and exchanging stories last night and being in the company of women who have had the courage to step forward and go against the norm was a reminder in what a rich exchange can be shared and experienced and how gatherings that celebrate eachothers strengths and passions is how we continue to support and fuel the work we do and continue to evolve and enhance the potential of who we are.

If you want to learn more about the incredible Chelsea Ford and Females in Food, click HERE

Happy Travels, Paula x