Dear Mediterranean Wanderers,

If you’ve ever dreamed about travelling to the Greek islands but have never found the right time, been wanting to break out of your routine and hit the reset button on your life, been wanting to learn new skills and feel inspired in the company of likeminded people so you can reconnect with your passion in life and remind yourself of how good you feel when you’re doing what you love and having fun, I have just the thing for you.

This summer I am hosting the Emerge Mediterranean Retreat, a very special Food, Writing & Creative Escape set on the beautiful island of Serifos. An entire six days of food touring, creative inspiration and travel, September 18th – 23rdbased in the spectacular cluster of islands that makes up the famous Cyclades, and home to your very own Greek Island Escape.

What makes Serifos so special?

With anything I do, I always go on feeling. If it doesn’t feel right, I won’t do it. It would have been possible to pick from any number of islands for this Mediterranean Retreat, but there is something about the beautiful Serifos that captured my heart the moment I landed. Its rugged cliff faces, breathtaking blue waters and the beauty of its whitewashed villages took my breath away. There is a laidback charm in the spirit of the locals who have a humble pride about their island and love nothing more than sharing its secrets and imparting knowledge about the magic waiting to be experienced there.

A Women's Mediterranean Retreat To The Greek Islands...

church, Serifos…

What can you expect from this Mediterranean Retreat?

Six days of feeling truly alive and your heart bursting from happiness. Your insides full to the brim from laughter, generous helpings of delicious feasting, experiencing the warm embrace of Greek hospitality and your skin glowing from daily swims and sun-kissed bliss. In this very unique setting, I plan to impart the most important skills and knowledge for you to implement in your personal life, creative life and professional life so you can develop your confidence, reconnect with your passion and reflect and gain a new perspective in the way you look at yourself and the world. I will help you access the tools you need to step forward with what you want to invite into your life, enhance your writing skills and cultivate your craft so you can have the confidence to do what you love.

Our days will be broken up into facilitation, activities and restoration in order to give you the most inspiring and enriching time away. You will learn and implement a new skill set to give you more clarity in the direction you wish to take. And of course, there will be celebrations to be had, ouzos to be drunk and dancing to be enjoyed!

A Women's Mediterranean Retreat To The Greek Islands..., Mediterranean retreat

What every Creative and Non-Creative should know about Serifos?

There is much to learn from the locals of Serifos and their passion for life. What they take with them in their day-to-day is to live a life with passion, intention and doing everything with a great sense of satisfaction. These principles are what define their spirit and heart. It is what keeps them moving forward when times are tough, along with remembering to always live in the moment, getting the most out of each day without the pressure and struggle to constantly rush forward.

What else is there?

You are in the heart of the stunning Cyclades, with some of the most beautiful islands in all of Greece at your fingertips. For those of you wishing to explore and continue the adventure, you have no shortage of beautiful options to further enrich your getaway.

For those of you stirring for a Greek island getaway and wanting to learn more about this very unique Women’s Mediterranean Retreat on the beautiful Serifos, click HERE or email me:

Happy Travels, Paula x

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