Dear Passionate Travellers of the Mediterranean

Some of my fondest memories from childhood are the travel experiences I got to have with my mum and dad as a kid. And I’m lucky enough to have had many of them! My parents have always been the type to leap at adventure, get out of their comfort zone, and either take the car and hit the road or pick a travel destination, hop on a plane and head to a different country. School holidays were made up of aunties, uncles and carloads of kids piled in and squished up at the back, eager to escape Melbourne winter and make the long journey up the east coast of Australia to follow the sun. We’d stop at picnic spots along the way, taking over the tables with our Mediterranean spread and the laughter and banter of family would echo through the park.

My favourite moments of these drives was getting to the beach and staying in the water until my fingers had pruned. I’d try to outsmart the ocean and get tumbled by the waves and be at once terrified and shrieking with delight at being turned upside down by the whitewash, my poor mother looking on in terror.

But her terror never stopped me. These trips have become some of the most precious to me for the memories they stir and the seeds they have planted. My parents love for travel encouraged me to explore, seek and be inquisitive about the world around me and to always ask questions. I have always been restless by nature and I now know that the adventure and exploring I got to experience as a kid encouraged that restlessness and played a big part in shaping my love for travel and adventure in my adult years and how I choose to experience the world.

What My Parents Love For Travel Gifted Me...

Going through family albums and seeing the times we spent together and their adventures alone, has me marvelling at their free-spirited nature and how much I’ve had the chance to experience of the world thanks to their love for life.

What I experience through travelling is what connects me to living a more enriched life. Being in a new environment enhances my creativity and makes me feel the most inspired. This is where countless seeds for new Retreat ideas have been planted, plans for Retreat ideas that have been brewing start to take flight and my heart beats with unstoppable force about what’s going to happen next.

If you too would love to create memories to last a lifetime, learn more about yourself and inspire what you would like to cultivate more of in your life, you may like to learn the tools you need in how to take the next step with your journey on my Emerge Retreat on the beautiful island of Serifos, where we explore this through a Food, Writing and Creative Escape.

My love for travel and the creative process has opened up my life. If you share the same passion, you can see all the details HERE to learn more.

What stories would you like to leave your family?

Happy Travels, Paula x