Dear Food Lovers,

One of the things I loved most about hosting last years Photography and Styling Retreat on the beautiful island of Lemnos was seeing everyone’s eyes light up during the amazing dining experiences we had the chance to share together and the incredible bond and friendship that was forged over our beautiful table during our 6 days away.

Wherever we were, there was always a spread full of Mediterranean delights that stretched from one end of the table to the other. We dined seaside at gorgeous rustic tavernas, devoured the best charred fish under a canopy of stars, feasted on succulent local goat that fell off the bone, mopped up delicious sauces off our plate with helpings of homemade bread, had the sweetest tomatoes that exploded in the mouth when you’d take a bite, delighted in nectar-fuelled figs that accompanied our local cheese and wine tasting sessions and met some of the best local producers who generously shared their time, inviting us to feast, sample and savour all that they had to offer. We’d fall to bed each night in a state of utter bliss, with happy stomachs that sent us off into a restful slumber. It was the best food and wine experience in The Mediterranean… This is an experience I cannot wait to recreate again during this years Emerge Retreat to the beautiful island of Serifos, where a new culinary feast is set to take place and local producers are waiting to showcase the best from their beautiful land and share this together with you.

The Best Food & Wine Experience In The Mediterranean..., The Best Food and Wine Experience In The Mediterranean...

Our time in Lemnos reminded me of how powerful food can be in the way it can create some of the most strongest connections between us and that when it comes to bringing people together, there is nothing like sharing a table full of food, with the sun shining its beaming light your way and the pure joy and delight of being in the company of great friends, exchanging conversation, food being passed around, celebrating, enjoying and being immersed in that feeling of abundance that makes your heart feel full and your insides bursting from sheer delight.

For me, food is one the most emotive and powerful languages and the impact it can create and the connections it can forge when it brings people together, creates treasured memories that have you grinning from ear-to-ear each and every time you reflect back on them.

I hope your best food and wine experience are enjoyed with company you love, sharing food that lights up your soul and puts you in a blissful state of delirious happiness…

Happy Travels, Paula x


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