Dear Passionate Creatives,

These photos taken of the amazing women who followed their heart and have now become friends for life and joined me on the 2017 Creative Immersion Retreat on the beautiful island of Lemnos came so close to not happening.


Because I was too scared to take the first step and I know that I’m not the only one. When I first though about facilitating Creative Retreats to the Greek islands, I thought a lot about my own journey and how close I cam to missing out on pursuing what I loved because I lacked the confidence and trust in myself that I could actually do it. Finding my own unique voice, style and confidence helped me step forward to pursue my passion and fearlessly follow my heart. It gave me the drive to want to teach other passionate souls that they could achieve the same, they, too can change their life if they followed their heart. So they could realise their own strengths and access the keys they need to unlock the areas of their life when they didn’t think they could.

These Women Followed Their Heart & Changed Their Life, Will This Be Your Turn...?

I get the feeling that someone out there would love to join us for the September Emerge Retreat to the beautiful island of Serifos this September, but are hesitating to take that next step…

When it comes to doing what makes us happy and pursuing what we love, we’re good at coming up with countless reasons for putting it off: I’m too busy at work, it’s not the right time, it’s way out of my comfort zone, it feels extravagant to gift myself a week away to work on something I love, I will do it someday, I need to put my money towards more important things…the list goes on…

This experience is about more than just learning new skills. It’s about YOU, about stepping forward and trusting your strengths, learning to master what you might be interested in but have never dared give yourself permission to do before.

When you are compelled to answer your hearts desire, you know it’s because there is something far greater calling you. Sometimes you have the courage to step forward and go for it, sometimes you need a little nudge. When you take that first step, suddenly presents a path that was never there before and you become confident to step forward, you become open to a whole new way of experiencing the world and who you are and feel as though you are finally heading in the right direction.

These Women Followed Their Heart & Changed Their Life, Will This Be Your Turn...?

How do I know this? Because it happened to me. I took a risk and said goodbye to a life I wasn’t happy with. I packed up my bags and chose to follow my heart and the experience of pursuing my passion for writing and launching my business changed me in a way I never expected.

In September 2017, with the people in the above photographs, we became friends forever. The experience of spending 6 days on the beautiful island of Lemnos, eating, swimming, learning and sharing was something that they and I will never forget. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“I was so reluctant to participate in the Lemnos Retreat 2017 for a multitude of reasons… leaving my family, the expense, fear of what I would discover and guilt over investing a considerable chunk of time away on a Greek island indulging in everything about me and my creative pursuits. But what happened on Lemnos was magic and it was possibly the greatest investment I’ve ever made.  I will most definitely be returning annually.  I feel settled, motivated, made lifelong friends and have a clear direction for my photographic pursuits. Work that I only dreamed of has found its way to me since returning from the retreat and I truly believe it was because of the impact the Lemnos Mediterranean Wanderer had on me.

Don’t hesitate… just book and await your own magic to happen x”  – Nyree C

“Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou Paula.  I am so grateful and thankful that you decided to change your path in life and hold this Creative Immersion Retreat that I was so fortunate to be part of. I really didn’t want it to end.  The activities were just so amazing, Everyone we met, everything we experienced was life changing and unforgettable!!!  Something to treasure in my heart forever. Thankyou so much Paula.”  – Toni J

“I truly feel I was changed in so many ways.   My intentions for my art became clearer and so many doors have opened up for me since I returned.  Being with women from all around the world and being open to each other’s stories was truly one of the most enriching experiences I have ever had.  I have been to many workshops and retreats…but this was so very special.  I can’t wait to go back to the Mediterranean with Paula.  It was a once in a lifetime journey that I want to relive over and over…” – Ann R

“It is hard to use words to capture the magic that was Lemnos (though I do have a beautiful number of photos as it was truly a visual feast and I didn’t want to miss a moment).  An amazing group of women came together from all over the world and met on this magical island.  Over five days we were treated to an array of wonderful activities that were far-reaching in terms of their experience and enrichment. It is true to say that my time spent on Lemnos with a bunch of inspiring women was a true life highlight and one I would hope to be lucky enough to repeat one day.“ – Elisha R

These Women Followed Their Heart & Changed Their Life, Will This Be Your Turn...?

If you feel like taking the next step to pursue what you love and opening the door to something bigger and better in your life, your creative pursuits, your passion, friendship and learning, just like how these women followed their heart, then please get in touch with me: or click HERE for more details.

Happy travels…Paula x