Dear Creatives and Mediterranean Wanderers

For the years, I was one of those people that resisted starting doing what I loved. I was a perpetual procrastinator.

It took me years to step out of my comfort zone, stop repeating old tired patterns and finally make that first move. The minute I did, there was a domino affect of change that had a ripple effect through every single area of my life. Suddenly excuses seemed tiresome, I felt a confidence about myself that I hadn’t experienced before and there was an urgency to make up for lost time because this new found passion made me feel like I had a purpose and that purpose made me realise how much work needed to be done.Work that I couldn’t wait to be part of creating, experiencing and sharing with my community.

When you are aligned with what you’re meant starting what you love, when you are inspired by the creative flow that enters your life, there’s no room for past patterns and behaviours to get in the way. You’re personal roadblocks are suddenly lifted and there is space for new possibilities to emerge.

You are suddenly awake to life…

That’s been my experience…

We have access to our own creative wellspring and starting what you love is the best way to stimulate it. That wellspring is what is enriched and in abundance when we are operating from the fullness of our potential, when we feel a sense of connectivity to life.It’s the very same thing that becomes depleted when we have steered off course, when we are confused, feeling uninspired or have lost a big chunk of who we are and feeling like we’re in a state of limbo because we have ventured in a direction we weren’t anticipating.

I let go of my old self the minute I decided that I no longer wanted to continue pursuing a life that no longer served me. The minute I decided to step into my passion and what makes me happy is when I dropped the habits and patterns that don’t support the direction I have now been taken on and everything my life has invited in.

Since then, I have been working hard to change the conversation, to keep at bay the lingering patterns and habits that still try to make their way in. Morning forward is about staying true to me and that comes from being conscious about changing the narrative. I don’t serve myself in any other way than when I am fully embracing, cultivating and stepping into my potential.

When you are lit up, when you are experiencing the fullness of life from being enriched by starting what you love, there is a radiance you exude that is impossible to miss. You’re the woman on the street that people look at with a knowing glance because they are glimpsing something that is nothing short of striking brilliance. When you are awake to life, you are awake to the enormity of who you are being invited to become and the knowledge that you are on a great mission to step forward in your life, and absolutely nothing is going to get in your way…

Happy Travels, Paula x

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