Dear Lovers of Life,

There is so much about Greece that completely fills my heart. From the northern tip of the landscape deep in the mountains, down to the coastal reaches of Crete. But without a doubt, it’s the places I find by chance or travel to on a hunch, that always manage to stir my heart in a way that nowhere else does and leave me completely spellbound.

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Last year, these serendipitous travels led me to the breathtaking island of Serifos. Arriving there evoked pure wonderment for me. The white washed houses dotting the mountain ranges, the proud locals eager to share the islands secrets with me, picture-perfect beaches shimmering in beauty and beckoning me to come for a swim, smells of rustic home cooked food flowing from the tavernas and the late afternoon golden glow that would illuminate the white stone streets as I wandered in a blissful state of happiness the entire time I was there.  

miss this chance

There is a charm and authenticity to Serifos that has managed to stay completely intact. Its ‘off the beaten track’feel is one of the reasons I chose it for this September’s Emerge Retreat. It’s a place that fills your heart and nourishes your soul. It holds you in its embrace and you struggle to let go. It opens up possibilities, inspires new ideas and has you exploring its beauty with insatiable appetite.

miss this chance

For those of you still dreaming of a Mediterranean getaway, who feel like being part of a fabulous group, who dare to turn their dreams into life, for you passionate souls who love beauty and want to be inspired, who are tired of saying NO and want to kick open the door to something bigger and better and taking your passions and pursuits to a whole new level, then I hope you don’t miss this chance to join us on the very special Emerge Retreat to savour the beauty, joy and simplicity of island life and enjoy a heap of fun and laughter while you dance the Zorba under silver moonlight!

As an Emerge Retreat participant, those who contact me directly at: prior to the 12thof August will have access to a rare and exclusive offer. Email me to learn more, before this unique opportunity disappears forever…

Happy Travels, Paula x