Dear Lovers of the Mediterranean

This time next month I will be heading to the beautiful whitewashed island of Serifos and will be joined by some amazing women as part of the Emerge Retreat.

It’s going to be a week of learning, sharing countless conversations that are waiting to be exchanged, laughter to be had, new found friendships to be forged and cherished memories to be made. But what I’m really looking forward to is the chance to share this beautiful place with them. To roam its stunning labyrinth-like streets and admire the beauty of its rustic homes and neoclassical architecture, to dive into its pristine waters and savour secluded beaches while enjoying the leisure of a private boat trip, to indulge in rustic communal feasts where the aroma of wafting smells from home-cooked delights teasingly prepare you for the feast ahead, to follow the lead of the locals and slip into the slow pace of island life and finally, to be lulled to sleep each night by the serenading sounds of the sea, a stones throw away from our beautiful private Villa.

Trip Of A Lifetime


This Retreat is about more than just having a getaway and learning new skills. It’s a chance to be part of something you’ve never experienced before but have always wanted to try. It’s a chance to get outside your comfort zone, to kick open the door and be inspired by life. It’s following your heart and saying an enormous YES to experiencing the trip of a lifetime. The women joining me this year made the decision to trust their gut and follow their heart. They chose to say Yes when they could have easily shut the door on this opportunity and have said No.

There’s an understated beauty to Serifos. It pulls you in its grips, seduces you with its magic and has you nostalgic with lingering thoughts of your time there long after you’ve gone…

For those of you interested in going on the Trip Of A Lifetime and want to learn more about upcoming Retreats to the Mediterranean, you can email me here: 


Happy Travels, Paula x