To Great Men Everywhere

I used to scoff at the words Mentor and Guru. I judged people that would tell me they had one, thinking it suggested something about their inability to deal with things on their own. Like they needed a guide to walk them through their own pathway of life.

It took me a little while to realise how much a Mentor or Guru can shape, inspire and influence your life. When I reflected on that, I realised that over the years I’d been surrounded by them. Some of my most cherished experiences have come from impactful exchanges with dear friends and complete strangers. But the one person who has been a pillar of support, strength and always imparted words of wisdom to help me along the way has been my father.

This is the thing about dad. He’s a man of few words. So when he does talk, you instantly sit up and pay attention. What he shares is always considered. He’ll pause and listen to your point of view. You might end up in a friendly argument, and if he decides that he still doesn’t agree, he’ll have a laugh, a kind of giggle to himself and in that moment whatever tension that may have momentarily surfaced during your discussion, instantly disappears.

There is one word that I reserve for dad and it’s that of Resilience. Regardless of what life has decided to throw his way, he has always handled it with the greatest degree of patience and humility. It’s a quality I admire and something that’s been with him from a young age.

Sometimes it’s the most subtle actions that can impact us the most. My relationship with dad has been a series of subtle examples that he’s imparted through his words or actions that have offered the most profound lessons and teachings. They’ve been shared during fishing trips together when I was a kid, driving lessons during my teenage years and now as an adult, they are expressed through our scheduled catch up rituals that started several years ago.

These are the moments that I treasure the most. The chance to share ideas, listen to eachothers story and make the time to connect with oneanother in a heartfelt way. It’s those moments that make me realise how lucky I am to share a father/daughter relationship with someone who I can call both my Mentor and Friend.

A tribute to all the amazing Men and Father’s who guide, support and encourage us in Life – Happy Father’s Day…

Paula x