Dear Writers and Creatives

All the work I create that I love, have come from two essential creative tools that have been by my side for as long as I can remember.

My Journal and my Camera.

First and foremost I’m a writer, but my camera allows me to speak in a language that gives me access to a completely different Voice. One that makes me feel a freedom and accessibility to take in the world around me in a completely different way to what I share and express through my writing.

Creative Tools

What both give me permission to do is experience my creativity from a completely different lens. I get access to two different worlds. Both allow me to be completely uninhibited in what I capture or what I write about and both have taught me the value of expressing from your most authentic self.

When I’m taking photos, I’m completely engrossed. My full attention is on the streets I’m walking through, the colours around me, the way the light falls and the excitement in anticipating the shot and how it might be used for future work and the possible stories it might inspire in my writing. My journal gives me a chance to anchor those experiences. It’s where I allow myself to be completely unedited, knowing that seeds are being panted for potential future ideas.

Creative Tools

But there’s something else that happens too. Both these tools make me become awake to the fact that I need to share as openly and honestly as possible. They strip away any filter. When I start editing myself, I feel it immediately. I have lost being in the moment of the experience I’m having. My work starts to sound forced, like I’m trying too hard.

When I’m not over thinking, there is an effortless ease to working creatively. It’s when I produce my best work and feel a strong connection with what I’ve done. Both my camera and journal inspire, influence and compliment eachother. They demand the Voice I project from both come from the heart. That’s why everything I write about comes from my experiences alone. I’m willing to show my own vulnerability, knowing that it’s the only way to truly connect.

Happy Travels, Paula x