Dear Lovers Of Life

Some of you might be in the midst of starting new things or you might be facing that all imposing fork in the road and are hesitating about how or if to take the next step. The greatest lesson I’ve learnt from starting my own business, is the importance of simply taking action. When I stopped waiting for things to be perfect, that’s when the momentum of what I wanted to do started to unfold and I was able to start doing. 

It took me a little while to let go of the fear of throwing myself in the deep end and not having all the answers right away. But what I realised and something that was made very clear to me, was that the answers arrive as you start to take steps. It’s like the action you take causes a ripple effect of movement to happen and this movement starts to invite and stir things in your life to present themselves.

This is when you hear things like: oh, you’ll never believe it, it was such a coincidence, but I just met such and such and we’re going to have a meeting to discuss my new project,or the missing piece of the puzzle comes to you out of the blue, or the very thing you were anxious and stuck on, suddenly relieves itself.

These things don’t happen by chance. They happen as a result of action. If you are anything like how I used to be, then you have been sitting on the fence waiting for things to feel rightbefore you start or waiting for the perfect set of circumstances to guide you. 

Start Doing

wandering pathways, Nisyros…

Here’s the thing…

There are no perfect-set-of-circumstancesnor will things ever feel right. If you have been wanting to start something and have been resisting, I can promise you that you will never feel as though you have enough knowledge or experience before you launch. The ready is in the doing and this is something that has been revealed to me with every single aspect of my business – from setting up packages to sell to getting acquainted with the world of social media.

I used to think that it was only when I’d accumulated enough knowledge, understanding and experience that I could go off and create what I wanted to do. But I have since learnt that the months or even years spent waiting around for that non-existent perfect moment to begin, is incomparable to the time you save by actually starting. The learning and knowledge you accumulate when you finally begin comes to you with such accelerated force, that it serves to make you leap in growth, while your other self is still sitting on the fence, twiddling their thumbs.

Start Doing

getting lost on Nisyros…

When I noticed the changes that were happening as a result of starting to make plans and taking action, it gave me the confidence to do more. The momentum would continue to brew with every new step I took. I was being supported on the new path ahead regardless of the fact I didn’t have all the answers.

Your steps don’t need to be earth-shattering giant leaps, they need to be whatever it is you can commit yourself to doing at this point in time. But know, that with each step, you are inviting new possibilities your way and are inching closer to making a reality the very thing you wish to create…

So keep GOING!

Happy Travels, Paula x