Dear Creatives

I was recently asked about how the idea for my business first came to me. What was the process, how did it happen? It’s not the first time I’ve been asked, but there was a sense of urgency I sensed in the question that I recognised well, a need to desperately know how all the nitty gritty details that go into launching a business actually work, how do you navigate the steps, how do you manage that torrent of emotion that comes flooding with it and the constant how’s that assault you along the way? How on earth do you manage to pull something together out of the unknown?

The urgency was familiar because I recognised it as me. As how I used to be, before I started, when I was just pulling the threads together and could see a vague outline of what I wanted and how it felt, but didn’t have a clue about much else… I went out of my way to meet with people that had launched creative businesses from scratch and I would speak to them with that same level of urgency that had recently been spoken to me. I asked a million questions to help me find my way.

greek islands, mediterranean, mediterranean islands, greece, Mediterranean Wanderer is what I wanted and had been staring at me in the face the entire time.

Here’s the thing…

Regardless of your circumstances right now, you are planting seeds all the time. Subconsciously, you are diligently doing the work without even knowing it. I had no overnight A-HA moment, it was something that organically unfolded, and when the picture finally came to life, what astounded me most, was that I had been indirectly living the very thing I wanted to pursue as a business for many years of my life.

Greece had always been my favorite place of travel, and writing is something I’d been doing since I was a kid. The details however of things like facilitating Creative Retreats, offering people a unique travel opportunity to come with me, private mentoring and creating Workshops was something that evolved over time. Those details weren’t crystal clear straight away, but they were the missing pieces that had been following me along the way…

greece, greek islands, mediterranean, sunset, goats, Mediterranean Wanderer is what I wanted and had been staring at me in the face the entire time.

Mediterranean Wanderer is what I wanted and had been staring at me in the face the entire time. I just didn’t have the right road map on how to find my way. When I finally realised my own A-HA moment, I saw how my experiences, my circumstances, the ideas that I’d been drawn to, had come to manifest. It suddenly made complete sense. As the right arrangements start to come together, the seeds you’ve been planting all along, begin to flourish and bloom.

Be attentive to your Vision, the ideas that spring to mind, because before you know it, while you are subconsciously planting, they will be ready to flourish and come to life…

Happy planting…x