Dear Food Lovers,

Want to know what being full to the brim in ecstatic delight because your senses are ready to burst from food bliss feels like? Taste the best cheese on earth in the hands of a cheese master? Be led on your own private wine tasting by some of the best sommeliers in Melbourne? Learn more about why Melbourne baristas take every cup of coffee so damn seriously? I’ve teamed up with some of the best Restaurant operators Melbourne has to offer to bring you a personalised culinary experience like no other…

When I first launched Mediterranean Wanderer there was one thing I promised myself would be an absolute non-negotiable. That whatever I pursued, whatever idea I wanted to chase, the greatest driving factor in my decision making, was the level of FUN this idea triggered in me when I thought about it. It needed to be OFF-THE-CHARTS-THE-BEST-FUN-EVER…Anything less than that was simply not worth my time…

Measuring my pursuits against that principle has meant that since launching last year, I have only had the greatest, most exhilarating degree of FUN pursuing the very thing I love. I’ve traveled and facilitated my Creative Retreats to the Greek islands twice in the space of 12months, I’ve been to some of the most breathtaking places across the Mediterranean, met and collaborated with some of the most inspiring creative women I’ve ever had the chance to come across and have always let my intuition take the lead…It has never let me down.

Yesterday, my business gave me the chance to experience that fun again, leading nine brilliant women from Brisbane on my private Culinary Laneway Experience through the fabulous city of Melbourne. We spent our day grazing at some of the best establishments the city has to offer and had the chance to meet with restaurant operators who so generously shared their time. Our trails led us through our own private wine tasting experience, then down to a blow-your-mind cheese tasting in an underground cheese cellar and of course, a sample of some of the best coffee on the planet (no, I don’t exaggerate, no one does coffee like Melbourne’s baristas).

But the biggest reward…?

Being presented with a big bunch of LOVE in the guise of the most stunning peonies as a gesture of THANKS from the fabulous women who joined me. No amount of words can capture the level of gratitude that impacted me from their heartfelt gesture and all I was able to muster in-between sobs of happiness was a very simple THANK YOU.

My business allows me to connect with some of the most amazing people from around the world, who I would never have had the chance to cross paths with had I not ventured down this track. The chance to share a slice of Melbourne so dear to me, with this incredible Tribe of women who made our day so special, is an experience I feel truly lucky to have had the chance to be part of and is a constant reminder of how deeply impactful the reward of following your heart and doing what you love can serve to be.

A huge THANK YOU to the fabulous women who joined me and made our time together so memorable…

Happy Travels, Paula x

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