Dear Mediterranean Wanderers,

First things first…

This is an announcement that’s been 6 months in the making. It’s something I’ve been waiting a long time to share with all of you. What it represents is something very dear to my heart and is the driving force behind everything that inspired and initiated my business Mediterranean Wanderer to finally come to life and I am so excited to finally have the chance to share it with you!

I am SOOOO thrilled to release my very latest Coaching Package: Empower Your Voice & Live Your Passion. A coaching package that has been inspired, influenced and designed by the journey I have taken through Mediterranean Wanderer and the incredible path that has opened up in my life.

If there’s one thing I am constantly reminded of since launching my business, it’s how close I came to missing out on stepping into this amazing world that was waiting for me. Some years ago, a fateful decision took my life in a completely different trajectory. One that was going to propel me in a direction I’d never been before and support me in bringing my Passions and love for Travel, Writing and the Mediterranean to life.

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Two things I need to stress….

  1. I NEVER BELIEVED I COULD DO IT! I lacked the confidence and belief that I had the capacity to make my dream a reality. I was TERRIFIED of letting go of a life that made me feel uninspired, stagnant and constantly on autopilot because the unknown and what my heart really wanted was far too daunting to pursue. I cannot stress enough how terrified I was of letting go and taking that next step. It crippled me. That’s how much confidence I lacked in myself. I stalled from taking that next step for years – 15 long years in fact!

Self Worth & Self Doubt had been the two biggest culprits holding me back.I preferred to sit in the confines of comfort because the chance of failure from stepping in to doing what I loved, was too scary for me to confront. My old life and new life were in conflict with one another and I was being pulled in two completely different directions – the path of my past and the new beginnings of the future. But thankfully, the Future me won.

  1. Connecting with what I love has been the very thing that has shot me back to LIFE.Nothing can prepare you for the wildest journey that’s about to unfold as a result of following your heart and taking that next step. It’s as though a switch has gone off and activated the greatest current of energy that has propelled you into a completely different direction.One in which you are operating from your greatest potential, living your passion and connected to your Life Force.

A Women's Mediterranean Retreat To The Greek Islands..., Mediterranean retreat

So, let me explain a few things…

This package is definitely NOT for all of you. So then, who is it for…?

This is for those of you who are sick of feeling stuck and lack the confidence to move in the direction you truly want to take. It’s for those of you wanting to break the patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back in your personal life, professional life or creative life. It’s for those who want to source that thrill and sense of excitement and adventure that has long been drained out of you. To remember what it felt like to have that spark of happiness and be inspired by LIFE and know that it can be a permanent state of being.

The ripple effect of following your passion means everything you do comes with the most exhilarating degree of FUN. Since making the decision to launch my business just last year, I’ve been taken on the most AMAZING RIDE OF MY LIFE. I’ve travelled and facilitated my Creative Retreats to the Greek islands twice in the space of 12months, I’ve been to some of the most breathtaking places across the Mediterranean, met and collaborated with some of the most inspiring creative women I’ve ever had the chance to come across, I’ve finally found my VOICE and have let my intuition take the lead, it has never let me down. Facing one of the greatest turning points in my life was the very thing that helped me find my Voice. I would never go back to my old life. My business has been the vehicle and driving force in connecting me with my passion and helped steer me back on track.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck. To lack that confidence and self-belief. It was a part of my life for 15 years before I finally changed. But I also know the enormity of reward and empowerment that comes from taking that LEAP and that feeling puts you in the most amazing place in your life where nothing is ever the same again.

If you would like 2019 be the year you let go of fear, find your voice and live your best life, then I would love to help you make that happen…

Check out my Empower Your Voice & Live Your Passion Mentoring Package HERE or email me: I would love to help you step into change…

My hugest THANKS!

Love, Paula x