Dear Mediterranean Wanderers,

When was the last time you did something for YOU without feeling guilty about it?

Or have you forgotten what that even means or what it looks like? Instead, you feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions and are spreading yourself thin..?

Here’s the thing…

I spent a good chunk of time not putting myself first. I put everything in my life on hold – my passions, my interests, my future plans, I knocked them all to the side for a good 15 years of my life before hitting the reset button and making some serious, drastic changes…

When those changes happened, the first thing it made me realise was how much time I felt like I’d wasted by continually putting off doing what I wanted to do. It made me realise how precious time is and how spending that time wasting it, by not putting myself first, only served to make my dreams and vision get further out of reach. I wasn’t helping myself by thinking that I would start when the timing is right, because the thing is, the timing is NEVER right. Things will always come up, Life will always come up and challenge you and throw things your way. There is not a perfect moment to start something.

Starting something is how you create that perfect moment in your life, by making room for it.

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Being selfish during that moment of transitioning was hugely important to me. It was the moment I was giving myself the Validation and recognition that what I wanted to do was important and had value. 

It was the wake-up call I needed to finally get started. And once I did, I was deeply selfish with my time, in a way that I had never been selfish before and it felt amazing to be like that because it allowed me to focus, and be the most productive I had ever been. It allowed me to connect with my passion for Life again and remember how good it felt to do things I LOVED.

Family, kids, business, relationships, they are an interwoven part of your life. And you ebb and flow in the current that gets thrown your way with them. But making time, taking a step does not have to be an impossible feeling. Adapting new patterns and behaviours when it comes to instilling these changes is how you make it work…You need to change the routine.

Rewiring is a hard task. But it’s learning that by breaking a familiar routine, and allowing what you value to be heard and recognised, is necessary for those changes to happen and come to life…

Otherwise, you will forever be making plans and putting them off…

So, what will you give yourself permission to spend time being selfish doing today?

Love, Paula x

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