Empowering your Voice

What would it take for you to Empower Your Voice? How would your life change if you did? Would it mean finally taking the steps to follow your life’s path? Would it mean embracing your passion or having the courage to Trust yourself to live the life you love? Would it mean ridding yourself of tired excuses and finally having the confidence to emerge into your greatest Potential? What would it feel like to let go of fear and have the confidence to step into who you want to be? What if you were told it’s possible to spend each day having fun, feeling inspired and living your best life?

I came so close to missing out on all of that…

A few years back I decided to take a Leap and completely change my life…and let me tell you, there is no one out there who resisted change quite as much as me.
I was facing a massive fork in the road. One direction led me down the path I knew well: bored, complacent, predictable, safe, secure and the like…
The other path meant doing what I’d always wanted to do and finally following my passion, but was, as you might assume: treacherous, scary, unforgiving and came with no guarantee of any tangible result…
It also meant letting go of everything I had worked so hard to create. Cutting the ties to an 11-year relationship, leaving a successful business we’d started together from scratch, packing my bags and closing the door on my idyllic life on the stunning east coast of Australia and starting all over again…

I took that path and dove in wholeheartedly.

What happened next? It took me on the most amazing ride of my life…It shook me, challenged me, sent me wayyyyy outside my comfort zone and made me more awake to myself and life like nothing else ever before…

Facing one of the greatest turning points in my life was the very thing that helped me find my Voice. Confronting what had been holding me back for years – my lack of confidence and belief in myself – opened up my life. I launched into freelance writing, started a new business I love from scratch, launched Creative Workshop and Retreats that allow me to travel to the Greek islands and help other women find their passion and become unstuck, had my work published in international travel magazines, health and wellness magazines, online publications and wrote for countless private clients. I would never go back to my old life. Writing has been the vehicle and driving force in connecting me with my passion and steer me back on track.

As a Mentor and Creative Facilitator, what the conversations I’ve had with women on my Retreats and Workshop have taught me most, is how entwined our stories are. What fascinates me most is that regardless of age, profession or experience, there’s a common narrative constantly repeated, it might sound familiar:

  • I want to find my Voice and have the courage to be Heard.
  • I want to listen to my heart and follow my passions but are afraid to take the next step
  • I want to create a life with more purpose
  • I want to break down the extremely well-built walls around me
  • I want to stop feeling STUCK and trust myself more
  • I want to overcome the blocks stopping me from experiencing a more enriching Creative, Personal and Professional life
  • I want to be authentic and engaging with my Voice and have the confidence to do so
  • I want to kiss my Inner Critic goodbye and connect with my JOY
  • I want to trust that what I have to say has value and is important

Empowering Your Voice & Living Your Passion is about opening up the floodgates to your life. The minute you do, everything in your entire being is completely re-set. The ripple effect of change this invites flitters into every area of your life – personally, professionally and creatively. Your relationships change, people who no longer serve you begin to drop away, your confidence soars and you create work that is purposeful and makes you feel energised and completely awake.

In an intimate setting, we use the writing process to take a deep dive and look at what’s keeping you stuck and holding you back. We’ll focus on how to create greater confidence in your creative pursuits, help you recognise your skills and strengths and how to apply this to your work so you can connect to your Passion and harness your Voice. This Workshop is for those of you who are ready to start changing the conversation, are wanting to overcome your creative or personal blocks, who want to turn your greatest frustrations into successes and learn how a powerful voice can impact your life. I bring my experience as a business owner, creative entrepreneur and facilitator to give you the tools to take the right steps, clear up old attitudes, draw on your creative confidence so you can Empower Your Voice and Live Your Passion.

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