Dear Passionate Creatives,

When I was going through big shifts in my life and hit with the emotional mess that comes with it and needed direction, I felt like I was navigating my way solo. Although I had some amazing support in my life – especially family and friends, I still felt like I didn’t have those who could truly understand what I was going through, who could relate to what that felt like.

Connect With Your Tribe At My 1-Day Creative Workshop Brisbane

Participants at the Creative Immersion Retreat, Lemnos…Photo credit Loc Boyle, Styling credit Shannon Fricke

When I first started my Creative Workshop and Retreats, there was one thing that struck me above anything else.The bond that is instantly forged by the women participants who have made the decision to join me and the enormity of support and strength these women have for one another. The moment these women take the time to share their story during our time together, there is an instant understanding that’s made and it’s as though for the first time, these women have JUST found their TRIBE and realise they are not alone in what they are feeling, experiencing or the changes they are navigating. I’m always overcome with emotion at how impactful this moment is and how the depth of what’s been shared affects each and every woman in that group.

Connect With Your Tribe At My 1-Day Creative Workshop Brisbane

Participants at the Emerge Retreat, Serifos…

When we take the time to hear eachothers story, we realise for the first time, just how entwined our narrative actually is and we no longer feel alone in the what we’re going through. We’re embraced by the greatest support imaginable and feel empowered by what that gives us. It’s the moment we remember and reclaim our strengths, passion, our voice and our innate skills that make us absolutely UNSTOPPABLE.

Connect With Your Tribe At My 1-Day Creative Workshop Brisbane

participants at the Inspire Your Creative Flair Workshop, Trentham, Victoria, Photo Credit Elissa Shekar

The outcome at the end of our time together always blows me away and is a constant reminder of what we have the chance to experience when we give ourselves the Time, Trust the process and mostly, when we make the decision to let go of fear, take the plunge and DIVE IN!

February is your chance to connect with your Tribe in my 1-day Creative Workshop: Empower Your Voice & Live Your Passion.




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Feature Image credit – Carla Coulson