Dear Passionate Creatives & Mediterranean Wanderers,

For those of you who have been dreaming of a Greek island getaway…This is your chance to finally join us!

This year promises to be an even greater Creative Retreat experience with the choice of two breathtakingly beautiful Greek islands to chose from in the heart of the Cyclades and TWO very special Creative Retreat experiences. Get ready to wander through quaint villages made up of whitewashed homes and cobblestone streets, find yourself getting lost in a maze of beauty, as we sharpen your photographers eye, and give you the tools you need to help you develop your craft and give you a new found sense of confidence in creating your unique vision to do what you Love.

For those of you who’ve always wanted to do something for YOU, who are tired of saying NO and putting what you LOVE on the back burner, for those of you who want to be in the company of inspiring, like-minded women, empower your Voice and connect with your Tribe, who want to feel excited and let your Creative Passion and fun take over, this is your chance to join us for the magic, beauty and creative inspiration that so many incredible women have had the opportunity to experience during their time away with us. With the stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean as our canvas, let us spoil YOU with a sensory feast on two exquisite islands with two unique Retreats to immerse yourselves in:

SAVE THE DATE: Join Us On Our Food, Writing, Photography & Creative Escape To The Greek Islands This September

Emerge: A Food, Writing & Creative Escapeset on the wildly beautiful and breathtaking island of Serifos. This Retreat is all about Empowering Your Voice & Living Your Passion. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or have been at it for years, there is nothing more powerful then putting pen to paper. In this Retreat, we use the Writing process to move through the areas of your life holding you back Creatively, Personally or Professionally. A theme that resonates very strongly for so many women who have joined me and are facing that turning point or cross-roads in their lives, this Retreat is for those of you wanting to feel more inspired, confident and remind yourselves of what it’s like to lead a life they Love…

Envision: A Food, Photography & Writing Retreat set on the stunning island of neighbouring Sifnos, facilitated together with incredible Portrait, Personal Branding & Wedding Photographer – Corrina Tough. Corrina will be sharpening your Photographers eye and teaching what it takes to create beautiful photos and harnessing your creative Voice. She’ll help you refine your skills and build your portfolio with story scenes that will take us through breathtaking village streets, capturing the gorgeous golden light of the islands at that magical hour and engaging with locals, while being surrounded with the magic and beauty of the dramatic Mediterranean landscape.

SAVE THE DATE: Join Us On Our Food, Writing, Photography & Creative Escape To The Greek Islands This September


We know how busy you women are. We know how much time you give to everything that takes up your day-to-day. So, we wanted to do something super special and super fun during our time away! If there is one thing we love as women, it’s the chance to get dolled up, have some fun and feel like a star for the day. As part of this Retreat experience, Corrina will be offering your very own exclusive and private one-on-one portrait shoot with her. With the stunning whitewashed houses of the Mediterranean as your backdrop, during the magic of that golden hour shining it’s honey-coloured light on you, Corrina will be giving you the opportunity to partake in this experience that is truly all about celebrating YOU. With exclusive access to your own online gallery including a photo print of your favourite pic, this will be a gift for you to keep and treasure forever and cherish memories of our time away.   
With its picturesque villages made up of whitewashed walls, cobblestone streets, gorgeous beaches and unique artisanal food producers, Serifos & Sifnos are rare authentic beauties, islands that serves to nurture the heart and feed the soul.

Food, Writing and travels through the Mediterranean are my greatest passions and I’m so excited at the chance to share them with you. But this year is an extra special one, with the chance to be joined by brilliant photographer and dear friend, Corrina Tough, offering the Photography component, which so richly compliments the exclusive Writing and Creative facilitation I will be presenting.

SAVE THE DATE: Join Us On Our Food, Writing, Photography & Creative Escape To The Greek Islands This SeptemberIn an intimate setting of just 8 guests, our time together is all about YOU. During our 6 days on the island, we are enhancing your creative skills with an itinerary that’s all about honing in on your craft, inspiring what you love and bringing out your best self. Our time away is an opportunity to recharge, surrender to the elements and immerse the senses through our hands-on, exclusive facilitation. It’s a chance to unlock your creative passion and reflect and gain a new perspective in the way you look at yourself and the world.

But it wouldn’t be a proper Greek island getaway without a bit of FUN! We explore the stunning rugged scenery, visit artisanal producers and local artists, get spoilt with our own private boat trip, have swims in pristine waters and indulge in gorgeous local fare. Did I mention sun-kissed skin, feeling blissful after a days swim in the Aegean and that feeling of not-needing-to worry-about-what’s-happening-next because it’s all been done for you…?
SAVE THE DATE: Join Us On Our Food, Writing, Photography & Creative Escape To The Greek Islands This SeptemberSo, who is this for…?

Passionate souls who love beauty and want to be in the company of like-minded creatives…Those who dare to dream and want the chance to be immersed and inspired through a unique experience…Those who are seeking to extend and enrich themselves in both their creative life, personal life and professional life…Writers, Photographers and aspiring Creatives who want to feel more confident in their craft and have more trust in their abilities to create stronger engagement with their voice through our exclusive facilitation…

It’s a chance to overcome your creative frustrations, feel inspired, make lifelong friendships, connect with yourself and have a laugh while you dance the Zorba under silver moonlight!

WritingIf you’d like 2019 to be the year you do what you LOVE and give back to YOU, then I hope you can join us on a very special journey to the beautiful Mediterranean. For full Retreat details, CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW…




For those wanting to learn more, email me:

Love Paula x

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