Guilt Hold Your Creativity Back?

Dear Passionate Creatives

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to do what you love without feeling guilty about it? Or are you reeling off every excuse under the sun to stop you from doing what truly makes your heart sing?

For the last two years, my Creative Retreats to the Greek islands have allowed me to meet the most extraordinary women from all over the world. Women who took a chance and finally said YES to doing what they LOVE.

Some of these women were mums who felt guilty for leaving their children behind for the very first time, some of them were wives, who felt selfish for leaving their husbands behind and some of them simply felt foolish, telling themselves they were being irresponsible for chasing their big dreams and leaving sensibility behind. 

Guilt Hold Your Creativity Back?

But in the end, something major happened. The decision to follow their heart and join us allowed them to realise something about their creativity and themselves that completely changed their life.

This September’s Envision & Emerge Retreats are happening on the beautiful whitewashed islands of Serifos and Sifnos…And I know that there’s someone out there really wants to come, but instead, are reeling off every excuse under the sun:

  • I’m too busy at work
  • It’s not the right time,
  • It’s wayyyy out of my comfort zone
  • I need to put money toward more important things
  • It feels extravagant to gift myself a week away to work on my creativity
  • I will do it someday
  • I’m not really that creative anyway…
  • Sound familiar…?
Guilt Hold Your Creativity Back?

Creative Immersion retreat participants, Lemnos, Greece, photographer: Carla Coulson

Here’s the thing…

I spent years putting off doing what I loved. When opportunities would come up, I gave myself every excuse not to start. I put everything in my life on hold – my writing, my passions, my interests, my future plans, I knocked them all to the side for close to 15 years of my life before making the decision to change… 

When those changes happened, something on the inside of me cracked open. I took my passion for Writing and dove into it wholeheartedly and that decision completely changed my life. It allowed me to start my business, to do what I love, it changed the way I looked at the world and it allowed me to realise what had been truly missing in my life all this time.

Guilt Hold Your Creativity Back?

Emerge retreat participant, Serifos, Greece…

My Creative Retreats to the Greek islands were always about gifting women the opportunity to experience and realise their own strengths and creative passions and bring them to life.

This September’s Envision & Emerge Retreats are about teaching you to dive in to what truly makes your heart sing and letting us take care of the rest. It’s about sharpening your creativity, polishing your skills, bringing out strengths you didn’t even know you had and most importantly, it’s about realising what can happen when you dare to

Guilt Hold Your Creativity Back?

If you’re ready to kiss that guilty feeling goodbye, to challenge yourself, learn a new skill and be in the company of some fabulous like-minded women who are taking the steps to do the same, then you may like to join us on this life-changing getaway and bring your extraordinary gift to life…

All details below:

Emerge: A Food, Writing & Creative Escapeset on the wildly beautiful and breathtaking island of Serifos. This Retreat is all about Empowering Your Voice & Living Your Passion.

Envision: A Food, Photography & Writing Retreat set on the stunning island of neighbouring Sifnos, facilitated together with incredible Portrait, Personal Branding & Wedding Photographer – Corrina Tough. 




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Love Paula x

Photo contribution by Carla Coulson for the 2017 Creative Immersion Retreat. Additional photos taken during the 2018 Emerge Retreat