Dive into Paradise on this Dream Greek Island

Dear Mediterranean Lovers

If you’ve ever dreamed about travelling to the Greek islands but it’s never been the right time, if your heart is stirring for a Getaway, but you keep pushing it aside, if you’ve always dreamed of dipping your feet into that crystal clear water, diving into the sea on your own private boat trip, feeling the sun on your back and strolling the stunning beauty of that pristine shoreline, then this might be the time you make your move…

If there’s one thing I know about Greece, it’s the ability is has to open up your heart, nourish your soul and have you humming a sweet tune the moment you land…

This September’s Creative Retreats to the Greek islands are about letting us spoil YOU to the sweet tune of this Mediterranean dream…A Food, Photography & Writing Escape to feed the heart and soul. An entire 6 days of food inspiration, creative inspiration and travel inspiration set in the stunning whitewashed beauty of the Cyclades islands. 

Dive into Paradise on this Dream Greek Island

Dive into Paradise on this Dream Greek Island

This is where delicious feasts at cosy tavernas are waiting to nourish you, where endless sunny days fix a permanent smile on your face, where rolling off the beach, feeling blissfully content and radiating sun-kissed skin becomes a regular part of your plans, and that golden light seduces you with its magical beauty, with the wild thyme from surrounding hills perfuming the air, as the chime of goat bells catching the late afternoon breeze leaves you in a daze of dreamy happiness…

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to marvel at the beauty of the whitewashed homes and cobblestone streets that dot the landscape, linger over breathtaking views that sweep the sea, explore hidden gems as you roam through quaint villages and exchange the best-kept secrets with passionate locals who are overjoyed to meet you, then it’s time to listen to that voice that’s saying: “It’s time to give back to YOU…”

When you tune in to the things that give you great delight, you spark your passion and remind the body of how good it feels when you listen to your heart. This is a chance to inspire your passion, dream BIG and do what you love…Of course, there’s ouzo’s to be had, dancing to be enjoyed and being in the company of fabulous women who’ll become friends for life..

What will you dare to dream up…? 

Dive into Paradise on this Dream Greek Island


Emerge: A Food, Writing & Creative Escapeset on the wildly beautiful and breathtaking island of Serifos. This Retreat is all about Empowering Your Voice & Living Your Passion.

Envision: A Food, Photography & Writing Retreat set on the stunning island of neighbouring Sifnos, facilitated together with incredible Portrait, Personal Branding & Wedding Photographer – Corrina Tough. 




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Love Paula x

Photo contribution by Loc Boyle for the 2017 Creative Immersion Retreat. Additional photos taken during the 2018 Emerge Retreat